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The Lu­mia 1020 has in­cred­i­ble sen­sor tech­nol­ogy let down by poor glass and overzeal­ous im­age pro­cess­ing. At its best, the im­ages are rich with de­tail; it’s amaz­ing when you con­sider that you’re get­ting more clar­ity out of a smart­phone than from most dig­i­tal com­pact cam­eras.

That holds true even when the im­ages are down-sam­pled to 5MP from 38MP. Down­sam­pling also helps to re­duce the ap­pear­ance and ef­fects of im­age noise, the 1020 con­sis­tently has the top high ISO, low noise per­for­mance – un­til ISO 1600 and above, when the 1020 seems to crank up the con­trast.

The im­age pro­cess­ing woes con­tinue with un­even white bal­ance which tilts to­wards cool hues; whites some­times have an ob­vi­ous blue-green tint. Flash also seems to get con­fused with off-white color bal­ance, and speak­ing about col­ors, the im­age pro­ces­sor goes over­board with sat­u­ra­tion; some hues are pumped up so much the pic­ture looks un­re­al­is­tic and loses de­tail.

Lastly, the unique 38MP sen­sor is let down by poor glass, which is no­tice­ably soft in cor­ners and is eas­ily prone to flar­ing.

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