Some CGI terms you should know:

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Ren­der­ing – The last ma­jor step in any CGI pro­duc­tion, this refers to the process whereby an im­age is gen­er­ated by a model cre­ated by the com­puter pro­grams used. This in­cludes ap­ply­ing light­ing ef­fects, shad­ing, tex­ture-map­ping, bumpmap­ping, trans­parency and more. This is com­monly done by the sys­tems GPU, which is specif­i­cally built to as­sist the CPU in mak­ing com­plex ren­der­ing com­pu­ta­tions.

Ras­ter­i­za­tion – This is where el­e­ments of an im­age are grouped to­gether and ren­dered as groups (known as prim­i­tives) in­stead of all at once. It is gen­er­ally faster than pix­elby-pixel ren­der­ing be­cause it ig­nores the parts of the im­age that is empty of prim­i­tives. This ap­proach used to lead to very block-like faces be­cause the en­tire face would be a sin­gle color, but to­day the pix­els of a face are ren­dered as a blend­ing of the ver­tex col­ors.

Ray­cast­ing – A ren­der­ing tech­nique whereby the ge­om­e­try is cal­cu­lated from the point-of-view out­ward, as if cast­ing rays out from the point of view. When these rays hit an ob­ject, the color of the ob­ject at that point be­comes the value of the pixel. Tex­ture maps, il­lu­mi­na­tion fac­tor and op­ti­cal prop­er­ties are taken into ac­count in de­ter­min­ing the color.

Ray­trac­ing – A ren­der­ing tech­nique for gen­er­at­ing an im­age by trac­ing the path of light through all the pix­els in a scene, and sim­u­lat­ing the ef­fects that oc­cur when it hits vir­tual ob­jects ( Typ­i­cally a com­bi­na­tion of two or more these four ef­fects: ab­sorp­tion, re­flec­tion, re­frac­tion and flu­o­res­cence).

Mo­tion cap­ture – The process of record­ing the move­ment of ob­jects or people in the real world and then map­ping that in­for­ma­tion into dig­i­tal char­ac­ters mod­els. With this ap­proach, nu­ances in the ac­tors’ move­ments can be picked up, adding per­son­al­ity to the vir­tual char­ac­ter. Also, more rapid re­sults can be achieved, and com­plex move­ments can be eas­ily recre­ated in a phys­i­cally ac­cu­rate man­ner.

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