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Un­less your home is very dirty, most ro­botic vac­uum clean­ers do a good job of pick­ing up dirt from the ground. What is more im­por­tant is how adept the ro­botic vac­uum cleaner is at nav­i­gat­ing your home. And al­though to­day’s ro­botic vac­uum clean­ers have very ad­vanced nav­i­ga­tion sys­tems, they do still get stuck in places from time to time.

With that in mind, to max­i­mize the ef­fec­tive­ness of your ro­botic vac­uum cleaner, it is best to pre­pare the house so that it is as un­clut­tered as pos­si­ble and that there are min­i­mal ob­struc­tions. For ex­am­ple, we rec­om­mend that loose rugs, wires and ca­bles be re­moved or put out of the way so as to pre­vent the ro­botic vac­uum cleaner from get­ting en­tan­gled and stuck.

If the rooms in your house have odd or ir­reg­u­lar lay­outs - for ex­am­ple an L-shape or tri­an­gle - it is more ef­fi­cient to break it down into two or more sep­a­rate ar­eas, and this is where the boundary mark­ers and “vir­tual walls” come in handy. By di­vid­ing the house or room into smaller squares or rec­tan­gu­lar blocks, your ro­botic vac­uum cleaner can clean more thor­oughly and ef­fi­ciently. It also helps to close doors to pre­vent the ro­botic vac­uum cleaner from go­ing into rooms, so that the ro­botic vac­uum cleaner can fo­cus on a sin­gle room or area. Ask­ing the ro­botic vac­uum cleaner to clean mul­ti­ple rooms at once can dras­ti­cally in­crease clean­ing time.

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