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Self­ies have be­come some­what of an in­ter­net phe­nom­e­non. The word it­self was added to the on­line ver­sion of the Ox­ford English Dic­tio­nary last year, and af­ter the now­fa­mous Ellen DeGeneres selfie at this year’s Academy Awards, people all round the world are tak­ing self­ies to the next level.

That said, tak­ing a good selfie can be hard. The big­gest prob­lem that most users face is that their arms are some­times just not long enough to cap­ture ei­ther ev­ery­one or the scenery in the back­ground. A so­lu­tion to this is to put one’s smart­phone or cam­era on an ex­tend­able rod (giv­ing birth to “selfie rod”, but that’s a story for an­other day) but even that has lim­i­ta­tions, such as the in­abil­ity to reach the shut­ter but­ton.

En­ter the Prolink Foto Onyx, a coin-sized Blue­tooth clicker that al­lows you to con­nect to your smart­phone and man­u­ally con­trol its shut­ter re­lease re­motely whether you are us­ing a selfie rod or tri­pod.

Set­ting up is the Foto Onyx is re­ally easy and re­quires users to down­load Prolink’s mFo­toGem app for their smart­phone from ei­ther Google Play or the App Store. There­after, users only need to pair the Foto Onyx to their smart­phones and a sim­ple press of a but­ton is all that is needed to be­gin shoot­ing. Apart from shoot­ing pho­tos, the Foto Onyx can also be used to start and end video record­ings re­motely.

Now, Blue­tooth click­ers aren’t ex­actly hard to find; some selfie rods even come with their own rudi­men­tary clicker these days. How­ever, what sets the Foto Onyx apart is the fact that it can be paired with up to eight de­vices si­mul­ta­ne­ously, mak­ing it con­ve­nient to take pho­tos with mul­ti­ple de­vices to­gether; per­fect for group shots or an ex­tremely vain in­di­vid­ual with eight dif­fer­ent phones at ev­ery pos­si­ble an­gle. As a Blue­tooth de­vice, it has a max­i­mum op­er­at­ing range of up to 30 me­ters, but that should suf­fice for most sit­u­a­tions

How­ever, the Foto Onyx does have its short­com­ings. The most glar­ing is that it only works with Prolink’s mFo­toGem app and not with your smart­phone’s de­fault cam­era app. This means los­ing out on additional fea­tures such as fil­ters and ef­fects avail­able on other cam­era apps.

Still, the Foto Onyx is a nifty de­vice to have if you love shoot­ing with your smart­phone. It is com­pact, highly por­ta­ble, ex­tremely easy to use, and at $29, doesn’t re­ally hurt your pocket ei­ther.

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