JoJo’s Bizarre Ad­ven­ture: All Star Bat­tle

HWM (Singapore) - - Test - by Ju­lianYeo

The grip­ping feel of a shonen manga hits as soon as you start up the game, you’re hold­ing your con­troller all set to bust this guy’s face in. But then you ask, who is JoJo? And what’s the bizarre ad­ven­ture?

Be­fore re­view­ing this game, I never ac­tu­ally knew of the manga fran­chise that is JoJo’s Bizarre Ad­ven­ture, and I’m sure there are some of you who haven’t heard about it ei­ther. And un­for­tu­nately, this will af­fect how the game plays. It also doesn’t seem to be de­vel­op­ers Cy­berCon­nect2’s job to shed any light on the story ei­ther. So af­ter scour­ing the web for an­swers, the gist of “JoJo” is this. JoJo isn’t one par­tic­u­lar char­ac­ter, they’re all called JoJo. Like Jonathan Joes­tar or Giorno Gio­vanna, all of whom are de­scen­dants of the orig­i­nal Jonathan Joes­tar. The story spans across sev­eral gen­er­a­tions of JoJos, fight­ing against one Dio Brando and his fol­low­ers.

Fans of the fran­chise will ap­pre­ci­ate the fact that the game of­fers up all eight arcs of the manga sto­ry­line and scenes into a playable beat-‘em-up, down to ev­ery last de­tail.

Game­play-wise, it’s pretty tem­plated. Con­trols range from mind­less but­ton mash­ing to ones that rec­om­mend the use of an ac­tual ar­cade stick in or­der to pull off. Other sta­ples like crazy multi-hit combos and ul­ti­mate moves are here, plus guard breaks and taunt­ing moves that rob your op­po­nent of some power. Mildly en­ter­tain­ing are the ob­jects and el­e­ments that can af­fect fights, be­cause no one re­ally wants a chan­de­lier to fall on your head.

What’s lack­ing in game­play is made up in flair. Each of the game’s 32 char­ac­ters has a sig­na­ture style like drain­ing your op­po­nent’s health through vam­pirism, call­ing in a Stand (a sep­a­rate en­tity) that fights along­side you, or even speed­ing up the fight timer. How­ever, some char­ac­ters are a chal­lenge to use be­cause they’re just to­tally use­less in fights, which is a known bal­ance is­sue.

Sin­gle-player re­volves around the Story Mode and try­ing to make sense of all eight arcs with mis­sion­based fights, which then un­locks the next part of the story. If you do make it out alive, you’ll find that you’ll be able to play the same match again, but as your op­po­nent in­stead.

I can tell you of all this but still re­main clue­less of what JoJo’s Bizarre Ad­ven­ture is ac­tu­ally about. You cer­tainly need to be a fan of JoJo to ex­plic­itly en­joy ev­ery­thing the game has to of­fer, or like us, you’ll be won­der­ing how this game scored a per­fect 40/40 from Famitsu.

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