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While this value can be dif­fer­ent depend­ing on your home and room size, Sam­sung is one of the brands de­vel­op­ing curved TVs that ac­tu­ally con­ducted an in­ter­nal study, vis­it­ing var­i­ous homes to fig­ure out the aver­age liv­ing room size, pre­ferred screen size and the seated dis­tance from the screen. This in­ves­ti­ga­tion re­vealed that most homes these days have a small liv­ing room with a com­fort­able view­ing dis­tance of 3 to 4 me­ters from their TV.

Based on the view­ing dis­tance and the liv­ing room size, Sam­sung de­ter­mined the op­ti­mal cur­va­ture of TVs us­ing a ra­dius of 4.2 me­ters, or also other­wise ab­bre­vi­ated tech­ni­cally as 4200R.

Since most homes ei­ther po­si­tion their sit­ting fur­ni­ture at a sim­i­lar dis­tance from the TV or don’t have a large liv­ing room, the same cur­va­ture is ap­plied to all their curved TVs, re­gard­less of size. This means, the larger a Sam­sung curved TV gets, your im­mer­sive level in­creases as the screen en­velops you more.

Some man­u­fac­tur­ers have a dif­fer­ent ap­proach cater­ing to room size such as LG. They’ve cho­sen to de­ploy screens with vary­ing cur­va­ture depend­ing on screen size, such as 4600R and 5000R. For ex­am­ple, LG’s curved 55-inch EA9800 TV uses a cur­va­ture of 5000R. Us­ing a larger ra­dius, this means its cur­va­ture is slightly less pro­nounced than the equiv­a­lent sized Sam­sung model.

Curved TVs of­fer bet­ter view­ing an­gles even at ex­treme cor­ners, but the op­ti­mal dis­tance can be dif­fer­ent from TV to TV. For in­stance Sam­sung’s TVs are around 4m, LG TVs can range be­tween 4-5m depend­ing on model and size.

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