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This is­sue of HWM was in­spired by th­ese three words, partly due to the buzz gen­er­ated from high-pro­file de­vice launches from the likes of Ap­ple, Sam­sung and Sony to equally high-pro­file se­cu­rity breaches from ICLOUD and Snapchat that have caught both celebrity and the common man with their pants down.

Look­ing at the big pic­ture, you may re­al­ize we’re still at the in­fancy of this con­nected world we’re ex­plor­ing right now.

In the past, con­nec­tiv­ity was a slow, lum­ber­ing beast that could only be awo­ken with a spe­cial tool that would emit a se­ries of cryp­tic beeps and whines, the se­cret code to en­ter a world called The In­ter­net. The early users of this in­ter­net were im­mo­bile and bound to their desks as they ex­plored a dig­i­tal nir­vana; an ex­is­tence of chained free­dom. An oxy­moron in ev­ery way.

Then came mo­bil­ity, which quickly evolved from hulk­ing note­books to the su­per sleek smart­phones we use to­day. This rapid and con­stant mo­bile con­nec­tiv­ity caught us off guard. Our new­found free­dom akin to an in­fant who is try­ing to run be­fore fully learn­ing how to walk. Proper pro­to­col be damned, co­or­di­na­tion is sec­ondary and the no­tion of get­ting hurt fall­ing or crash­ing head first into a ta­ble top that’s sud­denly lower than it was last week is never a con­cern. Our guardians put out safety nets to pre­vent or min­i­mize in­jury, but if we aren’t able to iden­tify what is dan­ger­ous in the first place, th­ese mea­sures can ever be fool­proof,

In­ter­net se­cu­rity is such. It is nei­ther in­fal­li­ble nor should we have com­plete blind faith on a third party to safe­guard our data. We each have a re­spon­si­bil­ity to en­sure our own safety on the in­ter­net, the apps we use and the cloud ser­vices we sign up for.

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