You think you know your fa­vorite songs? Oh you don’t. You re­ally don’t.

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SONY NW-ZX2 HIGH-RES­O­LU­TION AU­DIO WALK­MAN Hon­estly – who buys a Walk­man th­ese days? And who would buy one for well over a thou­sand dol­lars? You’d be daft for even con­sid­er­ing it. Well, no. Not re­ally. That’s be­cause most of the mu­sic com­ing out of our smartphones th­ese days is flat­ter than air­port tar­mac. You might not no­tice it be­cause you’ve got­ten used to it, but the dif­fer­ence be­tween nor­mal au­dio files and High-Res­o­lu­tion Au­dio is like the dif­fer­ence be­tween stan­dard def­i­ni­tion and 4K UHD video: once you see it, you can’t go back, once you hear it, you’ll be a con­vert.

That’s what the Sony NW-ZX2 High­Res­o­lu­tion Au­dio Walk­man does: It breathes life back to mu­sic. High-Res­o­lu­tion Au­dio files are richer in de­tail than com­pressed au­dio files like MP3 and AAC, and they’re even more de­tailed than CD qual­ity mu­sic. You’ll be hear­ing beats, notes and melodies you’ve never no­ticed be­fore, as if you were stand­ing there right next to the per­for­mance.

It’s not just about the files; ev­ery­thing on the NW-ZX2, from soft­ware to hard­ware, has been de­signed with a laser-fo­cus on au­ral ex­cel­lence. Ad­vanced tech­nolo­gies like the S-Mas­ter HX dig­i­tal amp cuts dis­tor­tion and noise across a wide range of fre­quen­cies, en­sur­ing the most true-to-life sound. DSEE HX adds new life to ex­ist­ing li­braries, restor­ing lost de­tails to MP3s and other com­pressed mu­sic files.

The highly rigid body is fully carved from alu­minum al­loy, elim­i­nat­ing the slight­est vi­bra­tions for the purest sound qual­ity. A LC (in­duc­tor-ca­pac­i­tor) fil­ter for the head­phone out­put has been in­te­grated with a 3mm larger chip coil for low sound dis­tor­tion and re­sis­tance, while MELF type re­sis­tors and film ca­pac­i­tors re­duce noise. If you didn’t un­der­stand any of that, just re­al­ize how a ridicu­lous amount of thought has gone into the NW-ZX2 – even the sol­der has been care­fully sourced for 99.99% pu­rity, to achieve a more nat­u­ral fre­quency bal­ance.

Now let’s face it; the Sony NW-ZX2 isn’t for every­body. It’s a high-qual­ity prod­uct made with pre­mium ma­te­ri­als and a high price tag. The NW-ZX2 is the wagyu of beef, the be­spoke of suits, and the gold of el­e­ments. But for the dis­cern­ing lis­tener who wants only the best lis­ten­ing ex­pe­ri­ence on the go, there re­ally aren’t a lot of op­tions, short of strap­ping a home en­ter­tain­ment sys­tem to your back. If you want to hear your mu­sic the way it was meant to be heard, the Sony NW-ZX2 is it.

The NW-ZX2 Walk­man houses 128GB of built-in mem­ory, and a mi­croSDXC mem­ory card slot lets you in­crease stor­age up to 128GB more. En­joy up to 33 hours of High-Res­o­lu­tion Au­dio or 60 hours of MP3 play­back on a sin­gle charge, on a screen us­ing Sony’s lat­est TV dis­play tech­nolo­gies op­ti­mized for mo­bile.

Seven OS-CONs (Or­ganic Con­duc­tive Poly­mer Alu­minum Elec­trolytic Ca­pac­i­tor), an ad­di­tional elec­tri­cal dou­ble-layer ca­pac­i­tor and a large-ca­pac­ity Li-ion bat­tery help to de­liver clear highs and deep lows with low noise. A stiff gold-plated cop­per chas­sis with a low con­tact re­sis­tance helps to pro­duce pow­er­ful bass, while the rigid alu­minum body re­duces un­wanted ex­ter­nal vi­bra­tions. Two ded­i­cated clock os­cil­la­tions en­able pre­cisely syn­chro­nized de­mod­u­la­tion for pure sound qual­ity.

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