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Have you ever ex­pe­ri­enced the frus­tra­tion of search­ing through your files for com­monly used cre­ative as­sets, or hav­ing to open mul­ti­ple files in dif­fer­ent ap­pli­ca­tions to get the com­mon de­sign el­e­ments you need for your project? Or when you’re done with your project, only to re­al­ize that you’ve ended up with out­dated cre­ative el­e­ments?

All of that will be be­hind you with Adobe’s lat­est up­date to its Cre­ative Cloud suite of soft­ware. If you’re a sub­scriber to Adobe CC, the Oc­to­ber up­dates would have en­hanced your fa­vorite ap­pli­ca­tions with the li­brary fea­ture which helps you man­age your cre­ative as­sets and help your stream­line your project work­flow. It’s built to help de­sign­ers man­age and ac­cess their fa­vorite colors, color themes, brushes, type styles, and raster and vec­tor graph­ics through Cre­ative Cloud.

Let’s run through some of the ba­sics of Adobe’s new Cre­ative Cloud Li­braries in Adobe Pho­to­shop CC 2014.

1) Open the Li­braries panel by go­ing to the Win­dow menu and choos­ing the Li­braries op­tion.

2) Cre­ate a new li­brary for your project by se­lect­ing Cre­ate New Li­brary from the drop­down menu. Give it a de­scrip­tive name so that it’s eas­ily iden­ti­fied once it’s synced into your Cre­ative Cloud.

3) The icon on the bot­tom right of the panel will tell you if your as­sets are synced into Cre­ative Cloud. Once they are in the cloud, you can ac­cess them in other ap­pli­ca­tions like Illustrator and Adobe’s mo­bile apps.

4) To add as­sets into project li­brary, se­lect the ob­ject from the layer’s panel. Once you’ve se­lected the right layer, press the V key to use the move tool to drag the ob­ject and drop di­rectly into the li­braries panel. The as­set will then be synced au­to­mat­i­cally into the Cre­ative Cloud and ap­pro­pri­ately la­beled as a graph­ics ob­ject. If you don’t want to drag and drop, you can also click the Add Graphic icon on the lower left cor­ner of the Li­braries panel.

5) To add color, find and se­lect the ob­ject from the layer panel. Once it’s high­lighted in the layer’s panel, you can click the add color but­ton in the Li­braries panel to add it into the project li­brary. You can see that it’s added and la­beled as colors. All other colors added from now on will be grouped un­der colors, so it’ll make ac­cess­ing your project’s color pal­ette a whole lot eas­ier.

6) You can also add type styles by choos­ing a type layer in the layer panel and click the Add Text Style but­ton and it will be added to the li­brary.

7) Sim­i­larly, a layer style can be added to the li­brary. You can do this by sim­ply se­lect­ing a layer that con­tains a layer style and then click­ing the Add Layer Style but­ton in the Li­braries win­dow.

8) You’ll no­tice by now that all th­ese cre­ative as­sets are stored in the cloud that can also be ac­cessed in other ap­pli­ca­tions. Sim­i­larly, you can add other as­sets to the project li­brary from other ap­pli­ca­tions like Illustrator and Adobe mo­bile apps too.

9) The process to ap­ply the cre­ative as­sets you’ve col­lected in your li­brary into your project is very much the same. If you’re ap­ply­ing a text style into your project, se­lect the ap­pro­pri­ate text ob­ject in your layer panel and sub­se­quently click the text style in your li­braries panel. The same goes with color and layer styles.

10) An im­age ob­ject saved into your project li­brary from Illustrator can also be dropped into your Pho­to­shop project sim­ply by drag­ging and drop­ping it from the li­braries panel. If it’s a vec­tor art, it will be au­to­mat­i­cally con­verted into the right for­mat in Pho­to­shop. As you can see from this sim­ple ex­er­cise, Cre­ative Cloud Li­braries let you ac­cess and gather your cre­ative as­sets in a sin­gle lo­ca­tion, ac­ces­si­ble any­time on any com­puter through se­lected ap­pli­ca­tions, as long as you’re con­nected to the in­ter­net. When your as­sets are al­ways within your con­trol, main­tain­ing an up­dated and con­sis­tent set of as­sets for any of your cre­ative projects will help you stream­line your work­flow while mak­ing it eas­ier to fo­cus on your de­signs.

The vec­tor graph­ics ex­tracted ear­lier in Step 8 from Adobe Illustrator can be eas­ily dragged into the Pho­to­shop workspace from the Li­braries panel.

The Cre­ative Cloud li­braries panel is also avail­able in other ap­pli­ca­tions like Adobe Illustrator CC 2014.

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