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Mo­bile trends con­tinue to be the hottest topic go­ing into the new year and wear­ables are at the fore­front of this. The slew of smart­watches and ac­tiv­ity track­ers that have al­ready en­tered the mar­ket is just go­ing to gain more mo­men­tum in the com­ing months. Those of us still on the fence are look­ing to­wards to the im­mi­nent launch of the Ap­ple Watch as some sort of sign from the heav­ens, a cat­a­lyst to jump start in­dus­try-wide adop­tion. If the re­cent CES 2015 was any­thing to go by, even de­vice and ac­ces­sories man­u­fac­tur­ers have jumped on board. Google’s own An­droid Wear plat­form, still con­sid­ered in its in­fancy, is al­ready into a sec­ond ma­jor re­lease.

On the other hand (pun in­tended), ac­tiv­ity and sports track­ers are look­ing to take on a big­ger stage, as the wrist is fast be­com­ing a crowded mar­ket. As wire­less, bat­tery and sen­sor tech­nolo­gies con­tinue to ad­vance, ex­pect ac­tiv­ity track­ers to come in all new form fac­tors from clips to patches to full fab­ric-like body suits. You’ll also begin to see track­ing sen­sors em­bed­ded in ev­ery­day ob­jects from your flow­er­pot to your pet. Pretty soon, even cars will have more power crunch­ing num­bers than burning rub­ber.

The in­ter­net of things have, in as short as the past nine months, ex­ploded from a buzz­word to re­al­ity. It can some­times be scary to find out that a ‘smart ev­ery­thing’ world isn’t just a pipe dream in a far-flung fu­ture, but one that we’re al­ready living in.

Wel­come to 2015.

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