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In­ter­est­ingly, only the 50 and 65-inch L9450 use a wide gamut panel (the lat­ter is the one we tested), which Toshiba says sports 14% wider color gamut than its 2013 lineup. Also, th­ese two smaller mod­els’ pan­els go up to 75% brighter than last year’s model, thanks to the use of di­rect LED back­light­ing with lo­cal dim­ming ar­eas. The gi­nor­mous 84-inch model on the other hand uses an LED edge-lit back­light unit in­stead. So, buy­ers be­ware.

We ob­served wide view­ing an­gles and ac­cu­rate colors on the L9450. Like the LG UB980T, colors were well sat­u­rated but not crazily vi­brant out of the box. Con­trast, while good, didn’t go as high as the Sam­sung HU8500. For an LED LCD TV, it ex­hib­ited high bright­ness (good news for those with bright rooms) and there wasn’t much of a dirty screen ef­fect. We at­tribute th­ese to the new back­light­ing sys­tem and the pixel struc­ture tweaks that let more light comes through.

The L9450 also had a de­cent show­ing when it came to black level re­sponse. Sure, the Pana­sonic and Sam­sung sets still fared bet­ter, but the L9450 wasn’t far off. The dif­fer­ence was more ap­par­ent in a dark en­vi­ron­ment, as we saw more back­light tran­si­tions on the L9450. Re­duc­ing the back­light got rid of many of the dis­trac­tions, but ad­vanced users would not be pleased by the crushed shad­ows de­tails.

Of course, with a 4K panel, the L9450 was ca­pa­ble of show­ing tons of de­tails when fed with proper 4K sig­nals. The Cevo 4K en­gine worked rather well, up­scal­ing 1080p con­tent to pseudo-4K con­vinc­ingly enough. Mo­tion res­o­lu­tion was noted to be very good, and credit for this has to go to the Ac­tive Mo­tion & Res­o­lu­tion Plus tech. It’s hard to de­ci­pher what the AMR+ 3,100 spec re­ally means, other than the fact that is plays around with the re­fresh rate (likely 100Hz na­tively) and the back­light sys­tem to pro­duce smooth, high-res images dur­ing mo­tion.

We ap­plaud the L9450 for its bright pic­ture, sat­u­rated colors, and clear sound from the Labyrinth speak­ers.

The big­gest draw of run­ning An­droid OS? Apps, of course!

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