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I grew very fond of the Fos­sil Q Nate (Black Stain­less Steel edi­tion) in the time I was test­ing it, mostly be­cause it looks like a proper watch. While the Vivomove, Phase and Steel HR hy­brids look like tech com­pa­nies gur­ing out watches, the Q Nate looks like a watch com­pany gur­ing out tech — and I’m sur­prised at how well it turned out.

First of all, that look. The Black Stain­less Steel is hand­some, manly and big. I like it, but I’ll con­cede that big may not be your thing. Fos­sil’s Q series of hy­brids come in var­i­ous sizes and looks, but the small­est one (for women) is still 40mm. The straps can be eas­ily swapped around with com­pat­i­ble straps, which is nice.

But then again, the Black Stain­less Steel doesn’t make it easy to tell the time, with its black hands on black watch face col­ors. And the way it tells you the date is next to use­less; press the top but­ton and the hands move to a mi­nus­cule num­ber on the watch face. Un­less you can see rec­og­nize ant faces with your bare eyes, you won’t be able to tell the date with this watch.

Pair­ing the watch was seam­less, and I liked how the Nate Q au­to­mat­i­cally synced time to my iPhone when I tested switch­ing time zones. The Fos­sil Q app is also pretty and de­tailed; it even comes with in­struc­tions for the watch.

Be­sides its good looks, what makes the Fos­sil Q Nate stand out is its out­stand­ing notications sup­port. Now, you only get six notication slots, which is less than the Mist Phase’s nine. But while the Phase gives you seven apps to choose from, the Q Nate sup­ports notications from 54 apps, the most among these four hy­brids.

True, you don’t get the Steel HR’s dig­i­tal screen or the Phase’s col­ored dot to see which app is buzzing you, but you don’t have to worry about miss­ing a notication from your fa­vorite app.

When it comes to ac­tiv­ity track­ing, the Nate Q only tracks steps (with calo­ries) and sleep. Step track­ing is on par with the rest of the hy­brids, get­ting re­sults in the gen­eral, if not specic, range.

The best way to think about the Fos­sil Nate Q is a nice, if big, watch that comes with very good notications sup­port and bare­bones step track­ing. You won’t be able to tell the date at all, but at least you’ll look fash­ion­able not do­ing it.

• Looks most like a nice watch • Lots of sup­port for noti cations • Seam­less pair­ing and sync­ing • Big style isn’t for ev­ery­one • Can’t tell the date at all • Ba­sic ac­tiv­ity track­ing

The Q Nate has tiny num­bers around the watch face to tell the date, but you won’t be able to make them out.

The app is cleanly de­signed and comes with de­tailed in­struc­tions for the watch.

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