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Garmin is known for mak­ing solid and ex­ten­sive tness track­ers, which is odd that they made the Vivomove such a ba­sic tracker. In fact, it’s bet­ter to think of the Vivomove as a watch in­stead, with a lit­tle bit of tracker thrown in, and none of the smart fea­tures that the other hy­brids o8er.

Do the var­i­ous Vivomove edi­tions look like good watches? Yes, I think they do, plus you can eas­ily swap out the straps for more looks. I tested the white Sport ver­sion, but if I were go­ing to buy one, I’d prob­a­bly spring for the black Sport or the classier stain­less steel Pre­mium edi­tion with leather strap. It’s a steep choice though, with a US$50 price di8er­ence be­tween the two.

But I re­ally wouldn’t buy ei­ther, be­cause there’s just so lit­tle to be had from this hy­brid. It can count your steps and mon­i­tor your sleep, but it lacks notications of any sort. Sync­ing with the app was nicky, you can set how of­ten the Vivomove syncs to the app, but even open­ing the app doesn’t al­ways trig­ger sync­ing — I of­ten had to press down the crown to start a man­ual sync.

I have to ad­mit though, that the way the Vivomove in­forms you about your daily ac­tiv­ity is pretty clever. There are two e-ink me­ters on the watch face, one lls up in black, the other lls up in red. The black me­ter shows you how far along you are for the day’s daily steps goal, while the red me­ter lls up when you’re in­ac­tive.

Move around a bit, and you in­crease the black while elim­i­nat­ing the red. But the prob­lem is that when you’re in­ac­tive, you’re un­likely to look at your watch to see if you’re in the red in the rst place. It’d be more use­ful if the Vivomove had an idle alarm like the Mist Phase’s, which vi­brates and waves its hands around to tell you to get up and move.

The one thing that dis­ap­points me the most, how­ever, is that it doesn’t sync time au­to­mat­i­cally with the smart­phone, even though it’s al­ready paired. You have to man­u­ally turn the dial your­self to set the time, which an­noys the time-keep­ing OCD part of me to no end — plus, there’s no way to tell the date.

The best part about the Garmin Vivomove is that it’s a good-look­ing watch that also hap­pens to track your steps — but it doesn’t do much else.

• Stylish and classy de­sign • E-ink me­ters clev­erly dis­play ac­tiv­ity • Eas­ily in­ter­change­able straps • No smart­phone noti cations • App sync­ing is nicky • Doesn’t sync time with smart­phone

Two e-ink me­ters clev­erly ll up to tell you how much you’re ac­tive or in­ac­tive.

The Garmin Con­nect app is not easy to use.

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