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What is Win­dows 10 S?

Win­dows 10 S is a stream­lined, locked-down ver­sion of Win­dows 10. By ex­clu­sively us­ing apps from the Win­dows Store, Mi­crosoft is tout­ing bet­ter se­cu­rity and per­for­mance.

How is it com­pare to Win­dows 10 Home and Win­dows 10 Pro?

Win­dows 10 S is closer to Win­dows 10 Pro than Win­dows 10 Home. It sup­ports In­tune, Azure Ac­tive Di­rec­tory Join, En­ter­prise State Roam­ing via Azure AD, full BitLocker en­cryp­tion, Win­dows Up­date and Win­dows Store for Busi­ness, and plays nice with mo­bile de­vice man­age­ment poli­cies, all pro fea­tures you nd on Win­dows 10 Pro.

What can’t I do on Win­dows 10 S?

Be­cause it only runs apps down­loaded from the Win­dows Store, you’re out of luck if an app that you need isn’t on the store. But ma­jor desk­top apps are com­ing to the Win­dows Store, such as Spo­tify, iTunes, and What­sApp.

Also, Mi­crosoft Edge is the de­fault browser on Win­dows 10 S and Bing the de­fault search en­gine. While in the­ory you can use any browser as long as it’s on the Win­dows Store, that’s a moot point since there’s no Chrome or Fire­fox on Win­dows Store yet.

Will all hard­ware work on Win­dows 10 S?

Ac­cord­ing to Mi­crosoft, many hard­ware pe­riph­er­als (such as print­ers) that work with Win­dows 10 to­day will work with Win­dows 10 S, but may have lim­ited func­tion­al­ity. Be­cause the OS has just been an­nounced, Mi­crosoft is still working with its hard­ware part­ners.

Are there any Win­dows 10 S de­vices that I can buy now?

Acer, ASUS, Dell, Fu­jitsu, HP, Sam­sung, and Toshiba will soon be mak­ing “ed­u­ca­tion PCs” run­ning Win­dows 10 S, with prices start­ing at US$189.

The only Win­dows 10 S de­vice you can pre-or­der now (in the U.S.) is the Sur­face Lap­top, a pre­mium lap­top tar­geted at col­lege stu­dents, and which has a start­ing price of US$999.

What if I re­gret buy­ing a Win­dows 10 S de­vice?

You can up­grade Win­dows 10 S to Win­dows 10 Pro eas­ily via the Win­dows Store. Mi­crosoft is mak­ing this up­grade free un­til the end of 2017. Af­ter which, it’ll cost US$49.

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