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Most au­dio­philes pre­fer open­backed head­phones for their more nat­u­ral, open sound. Closed head­phones, on the other hand, have al­ways been very tricky to get right. The closed backs of these head­phones are great for iso­lat­ing the lis­tener from the out­side world, but at the same time in­ter­fere with the way sound be­haves. That’s why closed head­phones usu­ally sound more boxed in, less nat­u­ral and un­even.

MrSpeakers Ether C Flow changes all that. San Diegob­ased MrSpeakers got its head start by mod­i­fy­ing the very pop­u­lar Fos­tex T50RP head­phones. The modied head­phones be­came so pop­u­lar that MrSpeakers nally had the funds re­quired to de­velop one of the best-sound­ing closed back head­phones my ears have had the plea­sure of lis­ten­ing to. Its sound sig­na­ture tends to­ward the neu­tral side, but it is cer­tainly not dull or bor­ing. To me, there seems to be a lit­tle em­pha­sis to the bass, but only very slightly. Vo­cals are smooth and ar­tic­u­late, and the tre­ble is airy with­out be­ing overly bright or harsh. The Ether C Flow sounds won­der­fully co­her­ent and the over­all voic­ing is taste­ful.

Also im­pres­sive is that de­spite the closed-back de­sign, the Ether C Flow demon­strates ex­cep­tional stag­ing and imag­ing. Yosi Horikawa’s Wan­der­ing, a track that I like to use to test imag­ing, sounded re­mark­ably spa­cious and wide

CON­CLU­SION Eas­ily one of the best closed head­phones money can buy. “Ac­cord­ing to MrSpeakers, these wave­guides re­duce tur­bu­lence within the driver and al­lows sound to “ow” more smoothly to the lis­tener’s ears.”

its own head­phone from the ground up. The re­sult was the open-backed Ether and the closed back Ether C, which used the com­pany’s self-de­vel­oped V-Pla­nar pla­nar mag­netic driv­ers.

Last year, the two head­phones were up­dated, giv­ing us the Ether Flow and Ether C Flow. The Flow in the name comes from the new TrueFlow wave­guides that have been in­cor­po­rated into the head­phones. Ac­cord­ing to MrSpeakers, these wave­guides re­duce tur­bu­lence within the driver and al­lows sound to “ow” more smoothly to the lis­tener’s ears. Dan Clark, the founder of MrSpeakers, got the in­spi­ra­tion for these wave­guides from elec­tro­static head­phones.

With­out hear­ing the orig­i­nal Ether C, it is hard to tell if these TrueFlow wave­guides work. But what I can tell you is that the Ether C Flow is eas­ily – more like open-back head­phones than closed-back ones.

Ex­cel­lent sound would mean noth­ing if the head­phones were un­com­fort­able, but the Ether C Flow also hap­pens to be one of the most com­fort­able head­phones I have ever tried. The leather earpads are soft and cush­iony. It is also very light, thanks to the use of car­bon ber for the earcups and Niti­nol for the head­band. Niti­nol is an al­loy of nickel and ti­ta­nium, and not only is it light, it is also highly ex­i­ble. This al­lows the Ether C Flow to ex and twist, al­low­ing it to con­form com­fort­ably to the shape of your head.

All things con­sid­ered, the Ether C Flow is eas­ily one of the best closed head­phones I’ve tried. If you are ready to splash the cash on the ul­ti­mate pair of closed head­phones, you would be do­ing your­self a great dis­ser­vice if you didn’t au­di­tion the MrSpeakers Ether C Flow.

The com­bi­na­tion of Niti­nol and leather make the head­band ex­cep­tion­ally light and com­fort­able.

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