Find bal­ance in life and work with Yoga

The Len­ovo Yoga 720 is the 2-in-1 that nat­u­rally does all in one.

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Peo­ple of­ten ask us if they should get a tablet or a lap­top — well, why not get both in one handy de­vice. The Yoga 720 (13”) has a screen and chas­sis size that’s per­fect for work­ing on and car­ry­ing around, it’s one of the light­est 13” 2-in-1s in the world, mea­sur­ing only 14.3mm thin and weigh­ing a mere 1.25kg.

With a 360-de­gree hinge, the Yoga 720 can eas­ily be­come what­ever you need it to be. Use it like a tra­di­tional lap­top, or switch into tent mode to en­joy movies on its sharp Full-HD screen. Then turn it all around to use it as a tablet to browse the web. With the new op­tional Len­ovo Ac­tive Pen 2, you can sim­ply write your thoughts down on the screen as they come to you.


The Len­ovo Yoga 720 (15”) doesn’t just have your run of the mill specs; it packs a pow­er­ful In­tel Quad-Core HQ Se­ries pro­ces­sor with an op­tional NVIDIA GTX 1050 dis­crete graph­ics card. Bump the RAM up to 16GB, and the Yoga 720 can take prac­ti­cally any­thing you can throw at it.

From large spread­sheets to in­ten­sive mul­ti­task­ing, video ren­der­ing, ad­vanced graph­ics work and the lat­est games, the Yoga 720 will han­dle your de­mands like an elite war­rior.

And yet, the Yoga 720 is still a slim and por­ta­ble 2-in-1 that you can eas­ily carry around. Fold it into tent mode, and you can catch the lat­est videos on its bril­liant 4K Ul­tra HD IPS screen. Then ip it around, and it be­comes a tablet. With the new Len­ovo Ac­tive Pen2, you can write on the screen as nat­u­rally as if it’s pen on pa­per.


Us­ing a pen is just nat­u­ral; noth­ing beats the ease of writ­ing down notes and sketch­ing out ideas on pa­per with some­thing in your hand. The new Len­ovo Ac­tive Pen 2 lets you do just that on the Len­ovo Yoga 720, with the nat­u­ral­ness of pen on pa­per and the ben­e­fits of dig­i­tal.

Pin-point ac­cu­racy with 4,096 lev­els of pres­sure sen­si­tiv­ity and ad­vanced palm-re­jec­tion tech­nol­ogy help you to jot down notes that can be re­for­mat­ted into dig­i­tal text, sketch out your thoughts and share them with friends, then write down feed­back on work doc­u­ments.


LEN­OVO YOGA 720 (15”)

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