Eco­v­acs Dee­bot R98

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Comes with a hand­held vac­uum cleaner. Au­toma cally emp es bin at dock. App is prob­lema c. Has trou­ble map­ping out the house.

The Eco­v­acs Dee­bot R98 ships with two unique fea­tures; it’s the only bot here that au­to­mat­i­cally emp­ties its bin when charg­ing, and comes with a hand­held vac­uum cleaner.

It’s also the bot that’s most tied to its app. The Dee­bot R98 only ships with a sin­gle Auto Mode but­ton on its body; ev­ery­thing else must be done through its app. Link­ing to the Dee­bot R98 was seam­less, but even then I couldn’t tell the bot to start clean­ing yet.

Be­cause while the other bots can be­gin out of the box and map as they clean, the Dee­bot R98 needs to map out the en­tire house be­fore it can start clean­ing. This led to a few prob­lems. The rst time it mapped out my house, the map looked skewed, so I de­cided to re­build the map.

Un­for­tu­nately, remap­ping failed a few times. I think the Dee­bot R98 got con­fused about its po­si­tion af­ter it got stuck. It took me a few tries be­fore the Dee­bot R98 suc­cess­fully built a new map, and I had to be present to res­cue it so it could do so. This was es­sen­tial be­cause with­out a map, the Dee­bot R98 can’t sched­ule clean­ing.

Now that I could nally start us­ing the Dee­bot R98, I dis­cov­ered that it kept get­ting stuck un­der my sofa, which turned out to be a death trap for most of the robot vacu­ums in this shootout. The Dee­bot R98 would also do odd things like bump into ob­sta­cles and keep on bump­ing, or get stuck in a cor­ner in­stead of back­ing it­self out. To its credit, I dis­cov­ered that the more it cleaned, the more it rened its in­ter­nal map.

The Dee­bot R98 is ac­tu­ally good at clean­ing, it picks up large de­bris well, but it does ing some of it around. It avoided dropping down larger steps, but didn’t avoid the short fall into my toi­let and it got stuck in­side. Like the man­ual says, the Dee­bot R98 can’t clean car­pets, it stopped im­me­di­ately when it rolled on top of my car­pet’s tas­sels (at least it didn’t get tan­gled).

The best thing about the Dee­bot R98 is that when it re­turns to its charg­ing sta­tion, the hand­held vac­uum cleaner in the dock turns on and sucks out de­bris (quite loudly) from the bot’s bin, help­ing you to empty it au­to­mat­i­cally. It‘s the only bot here that can do that.

There’s not much you can tell the Dee­bot R98 to do with its sin­gle phys­i­cal but­ton.

The bin is easy to clean out with­out mak­ing a mess.

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