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Aorus’ take on the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti stands out for its par­tic­u­larly thought­ful cool­ing sys­tem. The card is out­fit­ted with three 100mm fans, but un­like the GALAX, it make the length more man­age­able by em­ploy­ing a stacked de­sign.

The mid­dle fan is slightly re­cessed, and the other two fans over­lap it. While this is still a fairly long card, any e ort to make it less un­wieldy is def­i­nitely wel­come.

The cen­ter WindForce fan also spins in the op­po­site di­rec­tion from the other two, sup­pos­edly to bet­ter op­ti­mize air­flow.

In ad­di­tion, there’s a large cutout on the metal back­plate that ex­poses a dis­tinc­tive cop­per plate. This cop­per plate sand­wiches the GPU be­tween it and a sep­a­rate cop­per heatsink that is in di­rect con­tact with the chip. This two work in tan­dem to cool the GPU, so while the heatsink draws heat away from the GPU, the cop­per plate helps dis­si­pate heat from the chip’s pack­age.

The cop­per heatsink is also quite large, and it acts to cool the mem­ory mod­ules that sur­round the GP102 GPU as well.

In ad­di­tion, there is fur­ther ther­mal pad­ding on the back­plate it­self, so it func­tions as more than just a struc­tural sup­port, and ac­tu­ally helps with pas­sive cool­ing for the board’s other com­po­nents.

Fur­ther­more, the cop­per GPU heatsink is one part of a two-part de­sign, and there’s a sec­ond large heatsink for the volt­age reg­u­la­tion com­po­nents, chokes, and ca­pac­i­tors. Some of the other cards don’t have as large a heatsink for those parts, so this is def­i­nitely a plus for the Aorus card.

This may also be the card to get if you have a VR head­set, and it comes with a to­tal of three HDMI ports, one of which sits at the front of the card. If you also run your mon­i­tor o HDMI and want to do VR, this could turn out quite use­ful.

And while Aorus is claim­ing to fea­ture a to­tal of 12 phases for the GPU, there are just six real phases, and we once again see the use of phase dou­blers to cre­ate 12 con­trol cir­cuits.

The cop­per plate helps chan­nel more heat away from the GPU pack­age.

There’s a third HDMI port at the front for hook­ing up your VR head­set.

The fans are stacked to al­low for a shorter de­sign.

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