Never enough data? Here’s how to choose the right mo­bile plan with M1

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M ost of us use more data than talk­time or mes­sag­ing th­ese days. So why are we pay­ing for what we don’t use on our telco bills?

If you ex­ceed your data bun­dle but have ex­cess talk­time by the end of each month, it’s time to take a look at M1’s mySIM huge data plans.


With mod­ern-day in­stant mes­sag­ing apps to keep in touch, stream­ing mu­sic, and watch­ing movies on-the-go, it’s clear that we’re us­ing more data than ever be­fore.

mySIM plans of­fer big data bun­dles for data-heavy users as com­pared to con­ven­tional plans, which typ­i­cally of­fer small data bun­dles with sub­stan­tial talk­time and mes­sag­ing.


Do you want a new smart­phone to go with your mo­bile plan? If you do need a smart­phone, mySIMe plans are per­fect for you. Get the lat­est smart­phone and pay as low as S$40 per month for a 5GB plan. If you want even more data free­dom, go for the un­lim­ited data plan at S$118 per month. If you al­ready have a smart­phone and only want a mo­bile plan, con­sider mySIM3 SIM-only plans. SIM-only plans can help you save up to 50% off your monthly sub­scrip­tion. Pay only S$20 per month for a 5GB plan, or S$98 per month for an un­lim­ited data plan.

All mySIM plans come with un­lim­ited free calls to 3 M1 num­bers, 100 min­utes and 100 SMS/MMS. If that’s not enough, you can eas­ily add on 200 min­utes / 800 min­utes / Un­lim­ited talk­time at S$5 / S$10 / S$15 per month re­spec­tively.

DO MORE WITH mySIM PLANS Save with sup­ple­men­tary lines

Save more when you add up to two sup­ple­men­tary lines to share data, talk­time and mes­sag­ing from your main plan, at S$12 per month per line.

Roam in 56 des­ti­na­tions world­wide

Sign up for M1 Data Pass­port and use your huge data bun­dles to roam in 56 pop­u­lar des­ti­na­tions world­wide. Monthly sub­scrip­tion starts from S$10 per month with a S$2 ac­ti­va­tion fee. Say adios to bulky Wi-Fi routers, hog­ging cafes for Wi-Fi and queu­ing to buy lo­cal SIM cards.

Share big data bun­dles through Multi-SIM

If you have mul­ti­ple de­vices, sub­scribe to Multi-SIM at S$10.70 per month to use the big data bun­dles from mySIM plans on all of them.


Un­like con­ven­tional plans that fo­cus on talk­time and SMS/MMS, mySIM plans fo­cus on data. If you don’t seem to make many voice calls, but con­stantly ex­ceed your data bun­dle, it’s time to take a look at M1’s mySIM big data plans. With more data, you’re freed from con­stantly watch­ing your data con­sump­tion and can en­joy stream­ing con­tent with­out worry.

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