Pet car­ri­ers need to be com­fort­able, well-ven­ti­lated and safe—es­pe­cially for long jour­neys. Our resident pets, Bobby and Scotty, put four to the test. BY GIL­LIAN LIM

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Pet car­ri­ers that make com­mut­ing with your furkid a breeze.

LD Pet Trol­ley 3-in-1

Back­pack Car­rier

from star­pet­

Price: $82 Fea­tures: Boast­ing plenty of room and ex­cel­lent ven­ti­la­tion, this Ox­ford cloth bag can hold furkids up to 8kg. Its three meshed pan­els (two on the side and one on the front) are covered by cloth flaps, which can be se­cured by vel­cro straps and but­toned in place should you choose to roll them up. Mea­sur­ing 44cm by 30cm by 105cm, it can be car­ried as a back­pack or pulled as a trol­ley.

Ver­dict: By far the big­gest out of the four car­ri­ers, this bag is great for shy or timid furkids that find com­fort hid­ing in dark places—all its mesh pan­els can be covered by cloth flaps. How­ever, once all three cloth flaps were closed, it be­came too stuffy for Bobby—he couldn’t stop snort­ing, which in­di­cated that it was too warm. Though its base was com­fort­ably padded, the back of the bag lacked sup­port. The ad­justable tele­scopic han­dles could be felt through the fab­ric. This car­rier is bet­ter suited as a trol­ley bag than a back­pack, as its bulky frame makes it heavy and un­wieldy to lug around.


Fer­plast Mal­ibu Pet Car­rier Bag

from rein­ Price: $57.80 Fea­tures: Made en­tirely from wa­ter-re­sis­tant ny­lon, this car­rier bag can fit pets up to 5kg and doubles as a hand­bag or shoul­der bag. Mea­sur­ing 33cm by 21.5cm by 24cm, this car­rier has four built-in grom­mets for ven­ti­la­tion, and the top mesh zipped panel has a vel­cro strip. Ver­dict: Bring­ing Scotty out in this lightweight car­rier was a breeze be­cause of how sturdy the bag’s frame and base were. The vel­cro strap held the top mesh zipped panel in place de­spite the cat’s re­peated attempts to pry it open. How­ever, it wasn’t tall enough for Scotty to stand and stretch his legs when closed shut. Score:

Meloni Coco Tutti Sora Pet Car­rier

from fur­

Price: $260

Fea­tures: With three lin­ear sleeves lin­ing the front of the bag and two hid­den pock­ets, this faux leather bag boasts a wa­ter-re­sis­tant ny­lon lin­ing and two mesh zipped pan­els: one on the top and an­other on the side of the bag. Made in Korea and mea­sur­ing 38cm by 25cm by 15cm, this car­rier comes with a de­tach­able padded shoul­der strap and can fit pets up to 4kg. Ver­dict: Although the prici­est of the four, this pet car­rier was very sturdy and us­ing it was a has­sle-free ex­pe­ri­ence. The padded shoul­der strap of­fered ex­tra com­fort when car­ry­ing heavy furkids and the meshed pan­els were smooth to the touch. Bobby was ini­tially dis­turbed by the strong faux leather smell, but he quickly got com­fort­able in the bag be­cause it was padded and smooth on the in­side. The car­rier is so chic—it came with a dust bag—that we even con­sid­ered this for per­sonal use! Score:

Pet­comer Trol­ley Back­pack Pet Car­rier

from ko­hep­

Price: $81.50

Fea­tures: Sport­ing a large mesh zipped open­ing and breath­able net­ting on three sides, this ver­sa­tile car­rier func­tions as a back­pack and trol­ley, and can fit furkids up to 9kg. With a soft frame, an ad­justable tele­scopic han­dle and wa­ter-re­sis­tant PVC coat­ing, this polyester bag comes with padded shoul­der straps. It mea­sures 36cm by 30cm by 49cm.

Ver­dict: Lightweight and easy to use, this car­rier was er­gonomic and sturdy, thanks to its firm back and base. The big mesh open­ing, which was di­vided into a top and bot­tom panel by sep­a­rate zips, was suit­able for fe­lines as it pro­vided ac­cess to the lower par­ti­tion with­out hav­ing to un­zip the en­tire "door". How­ever, the trol­ley had prob­lems stand­ing on its own be­cause it only has two wheels at the base. Score:

How com­fort­able and safe is it for my pet? Is it sturdy and er­gonomic?Is it easy to carry around?How many open­ings does it have?

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