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My five-year-old Minia­ture Sch­nauzer loves eat­ing my cat’s tofu-based lit­ter. She doesn’t eat the poop or pee, but she swal­lows clean parts of the lit­ter by the mouth­fuls.

I’ve tried mix­ing the tofu lit­ter with pine lit­ter, but she still eats it! Will this af­fect her health and how can I pre­vent it from hap­pen­ing again?

Tofu is palat­able even to an­i­mals, so it should not cause any gas­tric block­ages in your furkid. Some vet­eri­nar­i­ans ac­tu­ally rec­om­mend tofu as an al­ter­na­tive to dog food when treat­ing food al­ler­gies. There is dis­cus­sion that phe­nols from pine lit­ter could cause tox­i­c­ity. How­ever, it doesn’t sound like your pooch has eaten much pine lit­ter so it shouldn’t af­fect her. Your choices of lit­ter are eco-friendly, so well done!

The op­tions you have are to ei­ther change the lit­ter to some­thing less ap­peal­ing to your pup, or cover the lit­ter box in some way so that your Minia­ture Sch­nauzer can­not ac­cess the in­te­rior of the box. If you have tried a lit­ter box with a cover, per­haps you can try cre­at­ing a tun­nel that only the cat can fit through or place the lit­ter box in a lo­ca­tion that your dog can­not eas­ily ac­cess, such as a toi­let, bal­cony or raised lo­ca­tion.

Do a search on­line and you’ll dis­cover a wide va­ri­ety of lit­ter box styles, in­clud­ing those with doors, those that can be ac­cessed only from the top, and those that have a tun­nel—one of th­ese should do the trick!

EX­PERT: DR AN­THONY BECK BVetMed, MRCVSChief vet­eri­nary of­fi­cer Doc­tors Beck and Stone

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