Th­ese cross-species best pals are proof that love knows no bounds and can come in all shapes, sizes and forms.

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Touch­ing friend­ships be­tween un­likely pairs of fur-iends.


Life on a farm can get crowded at times, but Bucket the cow and Colton the res­cue dog have got­ten along like two peas in a pod ever since Bucket the Jersey calf was res­cued from an auc­tion in March last year. “He was at most a day old,” says Su­san. “No­body wanted to bid for him and the auc­tion­eer looked straight at me, so I brought him home for $10.” Bucket and Colton were in­sep­a­ra­ble from the day they met at the farm—even though there was a fence be­tween them, they were al­ready go­ing nose to nose, cu­ri­ous and in­trigued. When placed side by side, the duo started walk­ing around and hang­ing out to­gether! “Bucket would just lay down and Colton would come to sit be­side her,” says Su­san with a laugh.

Now, the un­likely pair spends their days chas­ing each other around the farm. Colton loves to go for Bucket’s floppy ears, but the friendly cow doesn’t mind. In fact, he’d of­ten flop on the ground just so the frisky dog can reach his ears bet­ter! Su­san shares: “It was al­most like they’d known each other for­ever. There were no ques­tions asked in their friend­ship. It was just there.”


Smudge the five-year-old do­mes­tic shorthair cat loves to play rough and of­ten lunges at his paw-rent’s arm or hand, but with his best friend, Missy the one-year-old Hol­land Lop bunny, he’s in­cred­i­bly gen­tle and al­ways grooms her with ten­der lov­ing care.

Th­ese two adorable furkids don’t live in the same house­hold—Missy stays with her paw-rent, Tara Ri­ley, at James Madi­son Uni­ver­sity while Smudge lives with Tara’s par­ents back at home. How­ever, when­ever Tara goes back home to visit, she will bring fluffy Missy with her and that’s when the two best bud­dies are re­united! “Missy loves to be groomed by Smudge and she’ll cud­dle up to her to re­ceive kisses,” says Tara. “She’s ob­sessed with him

and will chase him around un­til he fi­nally agrees to cud­dle her.”

From the mo­ment Tara first brought Missy home last June, the lit­tle crit­ter ran every­where in the house, un­afraid and ea­ger to ex­plore. “Smudge was watch­ing her, but he wasn’t so sure what she was. But she wasn’t afraid at all and even hopped up to him! Then, he started lick­ing her, and she loved it.” When­ever they’re to­gether, they take it right where they left off with each other. They spend their days chas­ing each other around the house, cud­dling, and tak­ing naps on the bed to­gether.


Even be­fore Lola the King Charles Spaniel con­tracted sy­ringomyelia, a rare dis­or­der where a cyst forms within your spinal cord, she was al­ready best buds with her bunny pal, Pep­per. Their favourite things to do to­gether in­clude run­ning up and down the stairs in sync, hid­ing un­der bas­kets, cud­dling, and groom­ing each other.

When Lola de­vel­oped sy­ringomyelia last Au­gust, kind Pep­per never left her side. “It’s a re­ally painful dis­ease, and on re­ally bad days, Pep­per seemed to know that Lola needed her,” says their paw-rent, Court­ney Don­aker. “We ac­tu­ally de­creased her pain med­i­ca­tion be­cause she seemed to be get­ting bet­ter just by snug­gling with Pep­per.” Once, Lola was whining be­cause of the in­tense pain and Pep­per hopped over to Lola and started rub­bing her nose all over Lola’s face. Af­ter that, Lola calmed down and fell asleep—Court­ney adds that Pep­per seemed to be the only thing that was able to calm her down.

When they’re not snug­gling on the couch, Pep­per and Lola love to go to the park. Sur­pris­ingly, the tiny crit­ter is the boss in the friend­ship and will al­ways lead the way when they’re out­side. The cu­ri­ous pair will of­ten get in trou­ble by rip­ping toi­let pa­per and eat­ing it. Court­ney shares: “They def­i­nitely adore be­ing around each other. Pep­per wants to be with Lola all the time.”


Jonathon the Rac­coon was only four-months-old when he was left in a sewer af­ter his mother was knocked over by a car. For­tu­nately, Shan­non Calvert found the baby rac­coon and took him home, and that’s when their 12-year-old Choco­late Labrador Roxie took him un­der her wing. If he’s not fol­low­ing Roxie around the house, he’ll try to ride her like a horse. They would get into tug-of-war fights over a soft toy, pick up left­over kib­ble from the kitchen floor, and play hide-and-seek around the house.

“When they sleep, Jonathon of­ten sneaks up be­hind Roxie and lightly pats her,” shares Shan­non. “She loves it and she’ll stand up to play with him.” Jonathon would of­ten shower kisses on Roxie’s head, and the pa­tient pooch would let him. It’s like a true fur-mily—they pose for Christ­mas and Thanks­giv­ing pic­tures to­gether and on hot sum­mer days, the furry pair lounges in the makeshift pool in the back­yard, com­plete with straw­ber­ries and ba­nanas, just like best friends would.

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