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These home- use body care for­mu­las will help to soften or fi rm up skin, tar­get cel­lulite and fat, and make your skin look as good as new

Clar­ins Body Shap­ing Cream

Stub­born fat is most prone to form­ing on the tummy and the arms. Why? These ar­eas are re­ported to have fatty tis­sue that can store, well, fat. The Clar­ins lab folks dis­cov­ered that the poppy flower could help to slow down fat stor­age and also stim­u­late the re­lease of fat. This in­gre­di­ent is com­bined with caeine in this cream to slim con­tours. But wait, slim­ming alone isn’t enough in this case as your skin then lacks tone and def­i­ni­tion. So, this Body Shap­ing Cream also has or­ganic quince ex­tract to help skin re­gain its elas­tic­ity.

Dior J’adore Dry Silky Body Oil

De­spite its name, this per­fumed body oil ab­sorbs quickly on skin, mak­ing it soft, smooth and grease-less. It also has ylang ylang es­sen­tial oil in its for­mula for a sooth­ing touch. Use af­ter you’ve had a re­lax­ing bath with the Dior J’adore Beau­ti­fy­ing Body Milk, which has mois­tur­is­ing jas­mine blos­som ex­tracts.

Mai­son Fran­cis Kurkd­jian À La Rose Scented Body Cream

This hy­drates skin with shea but­ter ex­tracts, while a fem­i­nine blend of flo­ral and cit­rus notes with a woody cedar and musk ac­cord pro­vides the sub­tlest per­fume.

Strivectin Tight­en­ing Body Cream

Its pack­ag­ing isn’t the sex­i­est one around but this time-tested for­mula is a fave among fans for its abil­ity to beef up the skin bar­rier so it re­tains mois­ture bet­ter. The for­mula con­tains a mix of caeine and pep­tides, so your skin be­comes stronger, firmer, more elas­tic and more toned over time.

Sul­wha­soo Essen­true Body Serum

Ideal for hu­mid cli­mates, this is as light as a toner. Its key in­gre­di­ent is a com­plex of five nat­u­ral es­sen­tial oils, com­pris­ing pine nut, lo­tus fruit, camel­lia, prunus mume and apri­cot ker­nel, which help to keep skin soft and well-hy­drated.

An­nick Goutal Splen­dide Body Scrub

Us­ing a su­gar crys­tal com­plex, as well as glyc­erin and nat­u­ral co­conut oil, this prod­uct gen­tly sloughs off dead skin with An­jou rose ex­tract. If sen­sory ex­pe­ri­ence is top of your pri­or­ity list, you’ll love how this gel melts into a milky emul­sion when mixed with wa­ter.

Sis­ley Cel­luli­nov

Who would have thought that lon­gan seed ex­tract could do the lofty job of lim­it­ing the growth of fat cells? It’s the main in­gre­di­ent in this prod­uct that tar­gets dim­pled skin. There are also ginkgo biloba, red al­gae and In­dian Lo­tus ex­tracts, as well as caf­feine and ce­drol (an al­co­hol found in conifers), all of which work to in­hibit fat stor­age, pre­vent wa­ter re­ten­tion and firm skin.

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Shim­mer­ing Body Oil

Want sun-kissed skin with­out the dam­age or burns? Ap­ply this shim­mer­ing body oil in­stead for an il­lu­mi­nat­ing ef­fect. The best part? It smells of the brand’s Pri­vate Blend “Soleil Blanc” fra­grance.

La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Souf­flé Body Cream

This must be the ul­ti­mate in body mois­turis­ers: It boasts skin-firm­ing caviar ex­tracts, which is said to strengthen the skin bar­rier and in do­ing so, reg­u­late and main­tain mois­ture in skin cells. Your skin will en­joy a del­i­cate ex­fo­li­a­tion with wil­low bark ex­tract. Plus, al­gae ex­tracts and caf­feine lend their firm­ing help.

Chanel Body Ex­cel­lence In­tense Hy­drat­ing Milk

To tar­get sag­ging skin, this uses Pur­ple Ben­gle PFA — a highly con­cen­trated skin-firm­ing in­gre­di­ent de­rived from a plant tra­di­tion­ally used by In­done­sian women for its ton­ing prop­er­ties.

La Mer The Body Re­finer

Us­ing only a shower gel isn’t enough some­times. Add a body ex­fo­lia­tor to your rou­tine. This top-of-the-line cream for­mula uses pure di­a­mond pow­der, fer­mented sea mud and pol­ished sea quartz to re­fine and smooth skin. Use af­ter cleans­ing, mas­sage in cir­cu­lar mo­tions and rinse off.

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