Clean and Clear

The Lifeco opens its first detox re­treat in Phuket, draw­ing in for its su­per­mod­e­lap­proved cleans­ing pro­gramme

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i can’t imag­ine Kate Moss and Naomi Camp­bell ly­ing by the pool, dis­cussing their poo. But that’s pretty much what must hap­pen when the su­per­mod­els travel to their detox and well­ness re­sort of choice, The Lifeco, a place where clayand-psyl­lium-husk drinks form the bulk of your diet and self-ad­min­is­tered colonics are on the daily agenda.

But wait — I’ve scared you.

The truth is, if you’re a meat or carb lover; if the idea of putting any­thing up your be­hind gives you the hee­bie-jee­bies; if you aren’t a fan of needles; or if you’re in to­tal de­nial about the cur­rent state of your health, then yes, vis­it­ing The Lifeco will be scary — but mainly be­cause it will change your life.

I’m not a health freak by any stan­dards. I like sal­ads but I also love cake. I ex­er­cise reg­u­larly but I do fall off the wagon some­times. I drink wa­ter when I’m thirsty, but def­i­nitely not eight glasses a day. I take vi­ta­min sup­ple­ments — if they’re in the form of gum­mies, or tablets that be­come fizzy orange so­das. Any­way, I fig­ure my liver at least must be in a bet­ter state than Naomi’s or Kate’s.

Founded in Turkey in 2006, The Lifeco has been a hit with the in­ter­na­tional set for a decade and opened its first Asia out­post in Phuket last year. The prop­erty, which sits just a five-minute drive away from the re­sort is­land’s air­port, is beau­ti­ful and though it isn’t manda­tory, most par­tic­i­pants in its detox pro­grammes choose

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