Land­marks in Patek Philippe’s per­pet­ual cal­en­dar his­tory.

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1762 – Thomas Mudge in­vents the first ever per­pet­ual cal­en­dar

1925 – World’s first ever per­pet­ual cal­en­dar wrist­watch (97’975) was made us­ing the Cal­iber 12” orig­i­nally in­tended for a ladies’ pen­dant watch. Sold in 1927 to an Amer­i­can, but now re­sides in the Patek Philippe mu­seum in Geneva. In­spired 2017’s 5320G.

1962 – First self-wind­ing per­pet­ual cal­en­dar wrist­watch (Ref 3448) was made. Pro­duced un­til 1985.

1993 – First se­ries-pro­duced per­pet­ual cal­en­dar wrist­watch with ret­ro­grade date hand (Ref 5050) was cre­ated.

1864 – Patek Philippe starts build­ing per­pet­ual cal­en­dar pocket watches, with move­ment blanks made by Ni­cole & Aude­mars of the Val­lée de Joux

1941 – First se­ries-pro­duced per­pet­ual cal­en­dar wrist­watch (Ref 1526) was made. Pro­duced un­til 1952.

1981 – First Patek Philippe per­pet­ual cal­en­dar watch with leap year in­di­ca­tor (Ref 3563) was cre­ated.

2012 – First women’s per­pet­ual cal­en­dar watch (Ref 7140) was cre­ated.

1985 – Ref 3940 was made us­ing the Cal­i­bre 240Q, one of the thinnest self-wind­ing per­pet­ual cal­en­dar move­ments in the world.

2017 – Cre­ation of the Ref 5320G.

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