I love Capri­corn. My fam­ily’s still there, and when­ever I’m home I get to see all the friends I grew up with.

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What does it take to stay in peak con­di­tion as a cy­clist, in your opin­ion? Eat­ing healthily and stay­ing fo­cused. Be­cause train­ing is just a part of it all.

What are your strong­est cy­cling at­tributes?

Rid­ing up short, steep climbs, time- tri­alling, and also a bit of sprint­ing.

What are you go­ing to have to do to make the DiData team for the 2018 Tour de France?

Train hard, and co- op­er­ate with my team­mates. Be­ing a good team player is as im­por­tant as be­ing fit and strong.

Do you still live in Capri­corn when you’re not rac­ing?

Yes, I love Capri­corn. My fam­ily’s still there, and when­ever I’m home I get to see all the friends I grew up with.

You’ve been per­form­ing well for a few years now – how do you stay on top of things?

I haven’t re­ally changed any­thing. I’ve just kept my feet on the ground, and stayed fo­cused and keen to im­prove, ev­ery sin­gle day!

What are you hop­ing to achieve next year?

I want to im­prove on my per­for­mances, get­ting as much ex­pe­ri­ence as I can get. The aim is to grow as much as I can as a rider.

Who were your cy­cling heroes grow­ing up?

I never had a spe­cific cy­cling hero re­ally, as my back­ground is run­ning. So ac­tu­ally, my hero is trail run­ner Ryan San­des and his wife Vanessa. They have played a huge role in my ca­reer.

What are you most look­ing for­ward to when you hit the road as part of the DiData pro team next year?

Meet­ing the whole team, and just spending time with them soak­ing up the ex­pe­ri­ence. I’m also ex­cited to learn new things from this level of rac­ing, which I'm in turn hop­ing to use to take me to the next level.

And what are you most ner­vous about?

I’m afraid I may do some­thing wrong in a race, or not do what I’m sup­posed to do... by mis­take, of course. There’s no room for er­ror at this level and It’s re­ally nerve- wrack­ing for me, be­cause I al­ways want to do things per­fectly.

What can the cy­cling world ex­pect from Nic Dlamini in the fu­ture?

Noth­ing spe­cial! (laughs) But on a se­ri­ous note, def­i­nitely good re­sults. I’m go­ing to train even harder next year, and try to be more con­sis­tent. And I def­i­nitely want to try to win a bike race on the big stage.

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