Stranger things: the clown edi­tion


THE film adap­ta­tion of the Stephen King novel takes the 1980s-in­spired hor­ror genre and makes clowns creepier.

Based on the two-part mini se­ries from 1990, IT, the movie, only tack­les the first part and con­verts it for the big screen. I was un­for­tu­nately too young and missed the mini-se­ries but I’ve heard from a lot of peo­ple that it is the rea­son they de­vel­oped an acute case of coul­ro­pho­bia (a fear of clowns). I can un­der­stand why. Pen­ny­wise (Bill Skars­gård) is scary as hell. Skars­gård re­ally gives the char­ac­ter life even through all the CGI ef­fects.

Di­rec­tor Andy Muschi­etti re­ally does a great job of hav­ing a mix­ture of jump scares and sus­pense-filled mo­ments. He could have tight­ened the film up a bit and shed 30 min­utes from the film. Muschi­etti also uses some comic re­lief in be­tween the scary mo­ments to pro­vide some lev­ity and this is where the child ac­tors shine. All of them pro­vide the heart of the film and the ac­tors across the board are fan­tas­tic, with Jack Dy­lan Grazer steal­ing the scenes. There are also some sim­i­lar­i­ties to

Stranger Things. Watch­ing IT, there were times when the movie re­ally bor­rows heav­ily from the award-win­ning Net­flix show. It also doesn’t help that one of the ac­tors, Finn Wolfhard, is also one of the Stranger Things kids. Screen­writ­ers Chase Palmer and Cary Fuku­naga would’ve ben­e­fited from dif­fer­en­ti­at­ing IT a bit more.

If you are un­fa­mil­iar with the show then these com­par­isons will not bother you. The film is still highly en­joy­able and is a must watch for hor­ror film fans.

Even if you do not like hor­ror films IT is still a fun ride. Palmer and Fuku­naga give the char­ac­ters a full story arc and by the end, you will be left anx­iously wait­ing for the next chap­ter to hit cin­e­mas.

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