Zuma asks what is ‘this state cap­ture’

Daily Dispatch - - News - By NICO GOUS

“IF ZUMA is cor­rupt‚ it is go­ing to be found by this com­mis­sion.”

That is what Pres­i­dent Ja­cob Zuma said on Mon­day night dur­ing an hour­long in­ter­view with Si­fiso Mahlangu on Straight Talk on tele­vi­sion chan­nel ANN7.

He was speak­ing about the ju­di­cial com­mis­sion of in­quiry that would in­ves­ti­gate state cap­ture‚ but added the in­quiry could also scru­ti­nise whitecol­lar crime and big busi­ness.

“It is go­ing to go wher­ever peo­ple can say‚ ‘there is cor­rup­tion here’.”

He said one of the chal­lenges the in­quiry would face was to de­fine what state cap­ture was. “I am sure I will be very keen to know.”

Zuma said he be­lieved the term en­tailed that the ex­ec­u­tive‚ the leg­isla­tive and ju­di­ciary arms of gov­ern­ment had been cap­tured. He hinted that the term had been used as a “fake po­lit­i­cal” smear cam­paign against a “par­tic­u­lar fam­ily [the Gup­tas] and a par­tic­u­lar few in­di­vid­u­als”.

“You have [the] kind of sto­ries that at times are re­peated and re­peated [and] they look like they are true. Why? I am sure one day we will know. I am go­ing to estab­lish a ju­di­cial com­mis­sion of in­quiry and it is go­ing to in­ves­ti­gate this.”

Zuma said it was not a “se­cret” that for­mer colo­nial coun­tries used and re­cruited lo­cal cit­i­zens to un­der­mine lo­cal govern­ments for their per­sonal in­ter­ests.

“They buy them‚ they re­cruit them‚ they use them to un­der­take their own. They would also want to choose the peo­ple who they would want to lead the coun­try who might agree to their poli­cies.”

Zuma said for­eign coun­tries were med­dling in South African pol­i­tics be­cause they deemed him their en­emy.

“If you grow your econ­omy‚ then you be­come stronger. You can re­sist many other things‚ so they would want you to be weaker all the time.”

Zuma ex­pressed his sup­port for the term “white mo­nop­oly cap­i­tal” be­cause white peo­ple “took ev­ery­thing” in­clud­ing po­lit­i­cal and eco­nomic power. He said the term was not an in­sult‚ but an ex­pla­na­tion of the econ­omy.

“In all other coun­tries they’ve got mo­nop­o­lies. It doesn’t have colour as such‚ but here‚ be­cause of our his­tory‚ it does have a colour. It is white.”

Zuma said if the is­sue of land was not re­solved it could be a “time bomb”. He said the will­ing-buyer‚ will­ing-seller prin­ci­ple had failed to trans­form land own­er­ship‚ be­cause it was de­pen­dent on in­di­vid­u­als who wanted to sell their land.

“We are not say­ing‚ ‘Let us take the land from those who pos­sess it‚’ but we are say­ing‚ ‘ We can’t have peo­ple who own all the land’.” — DDC


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