Neigh­bour up in arms over an­i­mals, flies and the dung


THERE is no friendly back­yard ban­ter be­tween two neigh­bours in Wind­sor­ton fol­low­ing a dis­pute re­gard­ing the keep­ing of live­stock in a res­i­den­tial area.

Res­i­dent of the small com­mu­nity, Piet Riet, said yes­ter­day that he was forced to live in un­hy­gienic con­di­tions as his neigh­bour’s kraal, where he keeps his goats and sheep, was sit­u­ated di­rectly op­po­site his kitchen door.

The two houses are sep­a­rated by a fence but the kraal, which is sit­u­ated in the back­yard of the one house, is only a few feet away from Riet’s kitchen door.

“I have been liv­ing with this prob­lem for about four years al­ready,” a des­per­ate Riet said yes­ter­day. “I have tried talk­ing to my neigh­bour on a num­ber of oc­ca­sions in an at­tempt to get him to move his live­stock but he has not done any­thing to solve the is­sue. My house is full of flies.

“We can­not en­joy our food as there is a con­stant stench of dung hang­ing in the air. This prob­lem is mak­ing our lives very un­pleas­ant and un­bear­able,” Riet said.

He said he ap­proached his coun­cil­lor and the mu­nic­i­pal­ity for as­sis­tance.

“I spoke to the ward coun­cil­lor and al­though he promised to help, noth­ing hap­pened. I then went to the Dik­gat­long Mu­nic­i­pal­ity and they also promised to get the coun­cil­lor to re­solve the mat­ter. Noth­ing has changed, how­ever, and I am still strug­gling with this mat­ter after sev­eral years,” he said.

He added that his fam­ily’s health was be­ing com­pro­mised. “My fam­ily has been con­stantly sick and we have a baby in­side the house who is also at risk of con­tract­ing an ill­ness. We have to con­stantly use in­sect re­pel­lent prod­ucts in or­der to fight the flies.

“These prod­ucts are also haz­ardous to our health as they con­tain poi­sonous in­gre­di­ents,” he said.

The coun­cil­lor, Boeta Saul, said he had un­suc­cess­fully tried to re­solve the mat­ter. “I spoke to the neigh­bour and in­formed him that he was not al­lowed to keep the an­i­mals in his back­yard. This is not an iso­lated in­ci­dent as we also had a sim­i­lar prob­lem with some­one who kept pigs.

“Al­though farm­ers are al­lo­cated land to keep their an­i­mals, they use the ex­cuse that their an­i­mals are stolen. Some farm­ers are ar­ro­gant and do not want to ne­go­ti­ate or even at­tempt to lis­ten to the com­plaints from nearby res­i­dents.

“I will, how­ever, again try to re­solve the is­sue as this prob­lem does not only af­fect this par­tic­u­lar neigh­bour, but ev­ery­one in the street,” Saul said.

There was no an­swer from the Dik­gat­long mu­nic­i­pal­ity’s land­line yes­ter­day.

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