Oreo cheese­cake


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3 pack­ets Oreo bis­cuits 70g but­ter, melted

15ml (1T) cold wa­ter

15ml (1T) gela­tine pow­der 150g white choco­late 500g cream cheese 300ml cream


80ml (¹⁄₃c) cream 150g dark choco­late

Lightly grease a 22-cm spring­form cake pan.

1 Gen­tly prise open some of the

Oreo bis­cuits and scrap off the fill­ing un­til you have 200g of sin­gle, plain bis­cuits to use for the base. Finely crush the bis­cuits in a blen­der and put in a bowl (set aside some of the crushed bis­cuits for the top­ping). Add the melted but­ter and mix un­til com­bined. Press the mix­ture evenly into the base of the pre­pared pan. Chill while mak­ing the fill­ing.

2 Chop the re­main­ing Oreos into small pieces and set aside.

3 Put the ta­ble­spoon of cold wa­ter in a small bowl and add the gela­tine. Heat in the mi­crowave for 2 sec­onds, then stir un­til the gela­tine dis­solves. 4 Melt the white choco­late in a bowl over a pot of sim­mer­ing wa­ter (don’t let the base of the bowl touch the wa­ter).

5 In a large bowl, whisk the cream cheese un­til smooth. Add the gelatin and melted choco­late and mix un­til smooth and com­bined.

6 In a bowl, lightly whip the cream un­til soft peaks form and gen­tly fold into the cream cheese mix­ture. Stir in the Oreo pieces and pour the mix­ture over the pre­pared bis­cuit base.

7 Spread the mix­ture over the bis­cuit base with a pal­ette knife un­til it is smooth. Re­frig­er­ate for at least 4 hours or overnight.

8 TOP­PING Warm the cream and add the choco­late. Stir un­til it has melted and pour over the cheese­cake. Top with the re­served crushed bis­cuits and serve.

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