Non-syn­chro­nised ro­bots hugely frus­trat­ing


I WISH to raise the is­sue of traf­fic lights and the sup­posed syn­chro­nised oper­a­tion.

I re­fer to two sets of nerve sap­ping ro­bots be­ing de­fec­tive in op­er­a­tions for a con­sid­er­able time now.

One is at the old Croc Rock or Green Africa Nurs­ery and the other is at the canal, which is a three-phase ro­bot.

I’ll start with the prob­lem on the ro­bot men­tioned first.

If there is traf­fic, even just one car, from the har­bour side and the light turns green for this soli­tary car, many oth­ers have stopped at the red light from Meerensee and Ar­bore­tum.

You could eas­ily sit on your camp­ing chair braai­ing a rump steak wait­ing for it to turn green.

Just imag­ine how much fuel is painstak­ingly, un­ac­cept­ably wasted at this ro­bot, not to men­tion peo­ple’s time.

The sec­ond ro­bot is just 800m down the track and I re­ported this mal-oper­a­tion to a mu­nic­i­pal of­fi­cial re­spon­si­ble, who has shown no in­ter­est thus far.

The prob­lem here is as fol­lows:

It is a three-phase ro­bot but even if there’s no traf­fic from Ar­bore­tum, that light turns green any­way (in­duc­tion lines not func­tional).

Traf­fic from Empangeni and Meerensee sides now wait for the ‘in­vis­i­ble’ cars from Ar­bore­tum to clear. Again wast­ing ex­pen­sive fuel and time!

The so­lu­tion to both prob­lems is merely a con­trol phi­los­o­phy change (set­tings), which will make the mo­torists’ lives less frus­trat­ing and more pro­duc­tive.

And the ratepay­ers are pay­ing for these ser­vices to run smoothly and cor­rectly, but seem­ingly the re­spon­si­ble of­fi­cial is car­ry­ing ex­ces­sive lead in his shoes and ne­glect­ing ba­sic du­ties.

Come on, let’s work to­gether and make things hap­pen from now on for a bet­ter, pro­duc­tive and pros­per­ous new South Africa!

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