Sneeze-free SLEEP

Bloom­ing flow­ers her­ald the start of spring – and the al­ler­gies that come with them. With Pro­tect-A-Bed’s® hy­poal­ler­genic mat­tress and pil­low pro­tec­tors you can stop the sneez­ing and con­tinue the sleep­ing.

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There’s noth­ing worse than wak­ing up with a stuffy nose and puffy eyes. You spend all day jug­gling tis­sues and an­ti­his­tamines, so all you ask is the chance to ditch the spring day­time sneezes and sleep soundly at night. You may think you’ve es­caped those pesky pollen par­ti­cles when you’re safely in bed, but you may be breath­ing in some­thing even worse! One of the main con­tribut­ing fac­tors to­ward al­ler­gies is dust mites, and with­out Pro­tect-A-Bed® mat­tress and pil­low pro­tec­tors, your bed will be­come a feed­ing ground for their meal of choice – your dead skin cells. The Pro­tect-A-Bed® range of 100% wa­ter­proof and dust-mite re­sis­tant mat­tress pro­tec­tors keeps both your bed and your si­nuses al­ler­gen-free! Take on the al­ler­gies of the day and let Pro­tectA-Bed® pro­tec­tors stop them at night.

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