Fairlady - - YOUR HOROSCOPE - by An­gela Barry


23 Aug – 22 Sept

A lit­tle light re­lief pep­pers the dead­line drama more of­ten than not, giv­ing you space to in­tro­spect over a cuppa. We tend to for­get our real selves as we frenzy about be­ing in­volved, lov­ing part­ners, col­leagues and com­mu­nity gals. Stop the bus reg­u­larly now for a spot of con­tem­pla­tion, plenty of power naps and soli­tude. Your soul needs a hug, and yes, some­one else can take charge for once.


22 Dec – 19 Jan

Typ­i­cally, you’ve wrapped up a lot well ahead of time, though you’re still wear­ing ‘se­ri­ous face’ and feel­ing fo­cused, as usual. Things really have gone well this year, de­spite some hair­pin bends on the road to goal ful­fil­ment. Your so­cial mi­lieu could do with a facelift, as work-life bal­ance is key to con­tin­u­ing the en­ergy flow and avoid­ing burnout. A leisurely brunch with the ones you love will do the trick.


20 Apr – 20 May

Your abil­ity to be­have like a boss shapes up smartly. Use power and in­flu­ence wisely, as peo­ple are watch­ing (and learn­ing). Most im­por­tant, now, is to dust off your prin­ci­ples and ap­ply them strictly to all life ar­eas. Fo­cus on hon­esty, punc­tu­al­ity, self-dis­ci­pline, bal­ance and mu­tual re­spect. This gen­tly side­steps any po­ten­tial con­flicts and gives your so­cial rep added bling. Li­bra

23 Sept – 22 Oct

Chance meet­ings, mi­nor wind­falls, spiff­ing new ca­reer op­por­tu­ni­ties and a crack at self-im­prove­ment are likely happy events cir­cling your or­bit for sev­eral weeks. En­joy, but pay at­ten­tion to ex­pan­sion – of skills, at work or in the home. The urge to grow is strong, so if you’re think­ing about start­ing some­thing new, then please do. This time next year you’ll be ul­tra-im­pressed with what you’ve achieved.


20 Jan – 18 Feb

Ruled by the air el­e­ment, you’re a nat­u­ral com­mu­ni­ca­tor, so make your de­mands felt. If a de­ci­sion ben­e­fits both par­ties you’re less likely to foster bad mojo, so drum up a demo­cratic spirit and try to find the mid­dle ground dur­ing ne­go­ti­a­tions, dis­cus­sions and dis­putes. Fact is, you can get what you want quite eas­ily, but the method mat­ters most. Why sow dis­sent when you can make friends in­stead?


21 May – 20 Jun

A bit of quiet time and less dash­ing about reap long-term re­wards dur­ing this in­tro­spec­tive phase. Ques­tion marks pop up around goals, grownup de­ci­sions and desperate de­sires, but act slowly – if at all. Hang­ing in the shad­ows is a shrewd method of gath­er­ing info be­fore mak­ing a move. Mi­cro-plan each day and be bor­ing, for once. It won’t last long, if you’re do­ing it right. Scor­pio

23 Oct – 21 Nov

The woo-woo bit is that gut, in­tu­ition, mys­ti­cal co­in­ci­dences and a sense of ‘just know­ing’ are likely to guide your ev­ery move for at least a few weeks. Head and heart may go into spin mode, re­sult­ing in dither­ing, in­de­ci­sion and gen­eral un­ease – un­less you be­lieve in your­self enough to act ac­cord­ing to your in­ner truth. There’s a very wise guru lurk­ing within – and she knows what’s what. Lis­ten to her.


19 Feb – 20 Mar

What’s love got to do with it? Ev­ery­thing, ac­tu­ally. Your true-blue re­la­tion­ships with other hu­mans – from in­ti­mates to co-work­ers – take on ex­tra im­por­tance now. You’re won­der­ing who to trust, what to be­lieve and why you should care. Be pa­tient with your lovely self in this tran­sit, and less pushy or anx­ious about both old and po­ten­tial con­nec­tions. The right peo­ple will come (and go) at the right time.


21 Jun – 22 Jul

Break­ing bad habits isn’t as sim­ple as TED talks make it out to be. But it can be done – and you’re up. Work­ing on won­der­ful new ways to do the same stuff dif­fer­ently will trans­form you, one dogged step at a time. Ef­fort and com­mit­ment are vi­tal foot sol­diers push­ing you to­wards a better year, so de­cide on a POA and stick to it. Be­ing silly is a good start. Yes – silly. Sagit­tar­ius

22 Nov – 21 Dec

Ex­cite­ment abounds as your im­me­di­ate hori­zon swells with new con­nec­tions. You’ve worked hard to reach this point – a break in the bore­dom of rou­tine and the chance to ex­pand skills or take up longed-for op­por­tu­ni­ties. Best foot for­ward is the way: keep in touch with con­tacts, be open-minded and carry spare heels in the boot. You don’t know where you’re headed next, so best be pre­pared.


21 Mar – 19 Apr

The trick is to roll with the punches, rather than dodge them. Un­ex­pected change – a mix of great, okay-ish and some­what iffy – may catch you off guard, caus­ing you to fly into a rage or feel ruf­fled. Don’t. This is just a phase, and you’re a bit part in the un­fold­ing drama. Stay low, play nicely and at­tend to each day’s busi­ness with your usual poise and pen­chant for bril­liance.


23 Jul – 22 Aug

That sense of go­ing nowhere slowly may be mad­den­ing, but what’s the rush? Noth­ing tastes better than suc­cess, but at what cost? The se­cret to a sweet month lies in team­work; com­mon goals spill over with ben­e­fits, so avoid the solo route and reach out to those who can get you where you want to go. Chances are you’re all go­ing in the same di­rec­tion any­way.

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