This recipe is from my Aunty Pn­ina in Is­rael. She makes this tra­di­tion­ally when peo­ple get mar­ried and this is part of the pre-mar­riage cel­e­bra­tion fes­tiv­i­ties. It orig­i­nates from the Moroc­can side of the world and has seeped com­fort­ably onto the Olami ta­ble. This is a to­tally ve­gan recipe. • 1 cup cas­tor sugar/co­conut blos­som sugar • 1 tbsp honey • 500g date block, chopped into chunks • 2 tbsp wa­ter • 150g roasted al­monds, slightly chopped • 150g roasted pecans, slightly chopped • 150g roasted wal­nuts, slightly chopped • 150g roasted hazel­nuts, slightly chopped • 1 cup toasted sesame seeds for rolling

1. In a medium-size pot, melt the sugar with the honey. When it starts to melt, add the chopped date blocks and, with a wooden spoon, keep stir­ring and break­ing it down on a low heat con­tin­u­ously un­til it is smooth. Add 2 tbsp of wa­ter to loosen the mix­ture slightly. Re­move from the heat, add all the roasted nuts and stir well.

2. In a large bak­ing tray lined with foil, add the toasted sesame seeds to cre­ate a sesame layer so that when you add the date and nut mix, you roll the foil with the sesame seeds and cre­ate a sesame-coated, date-and-nut salami shape. Trans­fer to a clean cling­film base that you can re­wrap and roll. Place in the freezer for at least 3 hours or overnight. When pre­par­ing to slice your date and nut salami, de­frost the salami in the fridge an hour be­fore, then slice into 2-cm disks.

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