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There’s but­ter, and then there’s grass-fed but­ter. Now a chap called Grant Har­ring­ton, of But­ter Cul­ture in the UK, has found a way to up the ante even fur­ther. Har­ring­ton stud­ied dairy fer­men­ta­tion for a year, and the re­sult is a but­ter­cup-yel­low craft but­ter packed with nat­u­rally oc­cur­ring di­acetyl acid, the stuff that makes but­ter, well, but­tery. It’s a huge hit in the UK, which means it’s sure to hit our shores soon. Watch this space…


Last year saw the pro­lif­er­a­tion of smart apps by star­tups spe­cial­is­ing in de­liv­er­ing recipe kits (all the in­gre­di­ents plus the recipe) to home chefs. Now pre­pare to have even the has­sle of check­ing your pantry taken out your hands. En­ter the smart fridge, poised to snap ‘shelfies’ of your food to keep your kitchen well-stocked. And con­nected to this trend, there’ll be more voice-op­er­ated gad­gets like Google Home and Alexa to record and order your shop­ping lists. It’s a bit mind­bog­gling. As long as all this chat­ter among the gad­gets doesn’t get too loud… just say­ing.


… or as we call it, brain food. Ap­par­ently this is what the health-con­scious among us will be con­sum­ing this year. Gut health is still a big is­sue but it’s pre­dicted that the brain health trend will soon be over­tak­ing it. Look out for fresh turmeric, salmon, dan­de­lion greens, Mex­i­can yam or jí­cama, and eggs. The thing is, all of these foods are great for your gut health, too. And since the gut’s been called ‘the se­cond brain’ by many ex­perts – now food for thought…

Grant Har­ring­ton show­ing off his craft but­ter.

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