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Mo­tor­bi­ke hits pe­de­stri­an, both se­ri­ous­ly in­ju­red

Two pe­op­le we­re left se­ri­ous­ly in­ju­red on Sa­tur­day mor­ning 22 Ju­ly w­hen a bi­ker cras­hed in­to a pe­de­stri­an in S­tan­der Street.

At ap­prox­i­ma­te­ly 06:20, ER24 pa­ra­me­di­cs ar­ri­ved on the sce­ne to find the fe­ma­le pe­de­stri­an and the 18-y­e­ar-old ma­le bi­ker lying on the si­de of the ro­ad.

Pa­ra­me­di­cs tre­a­ted the pa­tients and pro­vi­ded them with ad­van­ced li­fe sup­port.

Af­ter t­hey we­re sta­bi­li­sed, both pa­tients we­re trans­por­ted to Me­di­cli­nic George for ur­gent tre­at­ment.

Hor­se­box o­ver­turns on N2

A vehi­cle and hor­se­box o­ver­tur­ned on the N2 ne­ar the Gar­den Rou­te Mall on Wed­nes­day 19 Ju­ly. Ac­cor­ding to the Con­vil­le po­li­ce, the vehi­cle to­wing the hor­se­box was pas­sing a­not­her vehi­cle w­hen the ac­ci­dent occur­red. Ac­cor­ding to a comment on Facebook the vehi­cle in front of the one to­wing the hor­se­box sud­den­ly bra­ked and the vehi­cle with the hor­se­box had to bra­ke and swer­ve to a­void a se­ri­ous col­li­si­on. No horses we­re in the hor­se­box and no one was in­ju­red in the ac­ci­dent.

Bak­kie ends up on midd­le of N2

A bak­kie car­rying six pe­op­le en­ded up on the midd­le of the N2 ne­ar the Gar­den Rou­te Mall on Tu­es­day mor­ning 25 Ju­ly af­ter the dri­ver lost con­t­rol of the vehi­cle. No one was se­ri­ous­ly in­ju­red, but three pas­sen­gers we­re ta­ken to George Hos­pi­tal by e­mer­gen­cy ser­vi­ces for tre­at­ment.

The cau­se of the ac­ci­dent has not yet been con­fir­med, but it is sus­pected t­hat the dri­ver was blin­ded by the sun. He was dri­ving in the di­recti­on of Knys­na w­hen the ac­ci­dent occur­red.

A pho­to ta­ken by ‘n pas­sing mo­to­rist of the hor­se­box and o­ver­tur­ned vehi­cle on the N2 af­ter the ac­ci­dent. Mo­to­ris­ts are cau­ti­o­ned to be at­ten­ti­ve w­hen dri­ving c­lo­se to horse­boxes or any ot­her trai­lers trans­por­ting li­ves­tock.

E­mer­gen­cy ser­vi­ces on the ac­ci­dent sce­ne on the N2 Tu­es­day mor­ning.

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