The­re’s a se­al on the be­ach - w­hat now?

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Ca­pe Fur Se­als of­ten co­me out of the o­ce­an to rest on rocks or the be­ach.

It is in t­heir na­tu­re to do so and t­hey can spend a long ti­me (so­meti­mes days) out of the wa­ter. U­su­al­ly the­re is no­thing wrong with them and as t­hey can be ex­tre­me­ly dan­ge­rous, it is be­st to le­a­ve them al­o­ne and keep a sa­fe dis­tan­ce of at le­ast 10m.

W­hat not to do

Do not tou­ch or try to re­mo­ve the se­al

Do not try to feed the se­al or gi­ve it wa­ter to drink

Do not throw wa­ter o­ver the se­al or try to co­ver it with to­wels or clo­thing

Do not try to ta­ke a "sel­f­ie" on or c­lo­se to the se­al

Keep all dogs a­way from the se­al.

W­hat to do

Call Smart (Stran­ded Ma­ri­ne A­ni­mal Res­cue Te­am) at 072 227 4715 on­ly if:

The­re is a lot of b­lood around the se­al

The­re are bo­nes sticking out due to in­ju­ries

The­re are flesh from se­ve­re wounds han­ging out

It is en­tang­led in fis­hing li­ne or nets

Ta­ke a cel­lp­ho­ne pho­to of the in­ju­ries and send to Smart.

Send a GPS location so t­hat Smart can re­ach the se­al as soon as pos­si­ble.

He­althy a­ni­mals will not be ta­ken from the be­ach or es­cor­ted to the o­ce­an. T­hey will go back w­he­ne­ver t­hey feel li­ke it.

It is il­le­gal to ha­rass the a­ni­mal in any way. All ma­ri­ne mam­mals are pro­tected by law and of­fen­ders will be pro­se­cu­ted un­der the A­ni­mal Pro­tecti­on Act no 71 of 1962 for a­ni­mal a­bu­se.

Ar­ti­cle writ­ten by Ter­sia Ma­rais, chai­r­per­son: Mos­sel Bay Smart.

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