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It is the ti­me of y­e­ar w­hen most ma­tric le­ar­ners are ple­a­sant­ly torn be­t­ween le­ar­ning for t­heir ex­ams and shop­ping for out­fits to we­ar at t­heir ma­tric fa­re­well, and shop­ping is pro­ba­bly win­ning. Un­for­tu­na­te­ly for so­me it is a stress­ful ti­me, be­cau­se t­hey can't af­ford sty­lish out­fits. Tho­se who are not fi­nan­ci­al­ly well off can now re­lax in the kno­w­led­ge t­hat the­re is help. The P­rin­cess Pro­ject is a non-pro­fit or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on es­ta­blis­hed o­ver­se­as and broug­ht to South A­fri­ca by for­mer Miss South-A­fri­ca, Jo-Ann S­trauss. Two wo­men o­pe­ned the first branch in Ca­pe To­wn in 1996 and to­day most of the big ci­ties in South A­fri­ca ha­ve bran­ches. The George branch was o­pe­ned in 2011. Sin­ce 2012, a­bout 250 le­ar­ners in George ha­ve been as­sis­ted un­der the ma­na­ge­ment of Ma­ri­lyn Pie­naar, who runs the pro­ject in her spa­re ti­me.

The P­rin­cess Pro­ject is a free­of-char­ge bor­ro­wing ser­vi­ce. The pro­ject pro­vi­des suits, ma­tric fa­re­well dres­ses, shoes and acces­so­ries to young men and wo­men who ot­her­wi­se would ha­ve to go wit­hout. The le­ar­ners ha­ve to re­turn the out­fits af­ter t­heir fa­re­well e­vent.

Pie­naar says the co­re functi­on of the pro­ject is to help less pri­vi­le­ged ma­tri­cu­lants, re­gard­less of gen­der, ra­ce or age, to at­tend t­heir ma­tric dan­ce in s­ty­le.

"My aim is to as­sist ma­tri­cu­lants within the gre­a­ter a­rea of George to feel li­ke roy­al­ty at t­heir ma­tric dan­ces. With the cur­rent u­nem­ploy­ment ra­te and the re­sulting po­ver­ty, so­me pa­rents are not a­ble to ma­ke t­his dre­am co­me true for t­heir c­hild­ren, and t­hat is w­he­re the P­rin­cess Pro­ject steps in," she says.

The P­rin­cess Pro­ject stri­ves to as­sist le­ar­ners with the fol­lo­wing: Dress/suit and shirt






Alt­hough Pie­naar would li­ke to help e­ver­yo­ne, she says the de­mand for ma­tric fa­re­well out­fits is much gre­a­ter than the me­ans, as she has to pro­vi­de for ma­ny schools in the George a­rea. She the­re­fo­re en­coura­ges pa­rents and le­ar­ners who can con­tri­bu­te to the stock, to help w­he­re t­hey can. "Cur­rent­ly the pro­ject is un­der a hu­ge s­train fi­nan­ci­al­ly due to the high de­mand. We need do­na­ti­ons of any of t­he­se i­tems," she says.

Pie­naar can be pho­ned on

073 947 3561 af­ter 16:00, faxed on 086 518 0604 or e-mai­led at ma­ri­lyn­pie­­ber­ry. com.

The­re is a va­ri­e­ty of beau­ti­ful dres­ses to c­hoo­se from.

Ma­ri­lyn Pie­naar, who runs the P­rin­cess Pro­ject, has as­sis­ted a­bout 250 gi­rls sin­ce the pro­ject star­ted.

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