Hou­se­holds can re­gis­ter now for di­gi­tal TV de­co­ders

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S­tar­ting 1 Sep­tem­ber, qua­li­fying hou­se­holds in all of South A­fri­ca can re­gis­ter at their lo­cal post of­fi­ce for a sub­si­di­sed di­gi­tal te­le­vi­si­on de­co­der.

Te­le­vi­si­on vie­wers will need a de­co­der (com­mon­ly cal­led a set-top box) to wa­tch te­le­vi­si­on in a­re­as w­he­re trans­mis­si­on has swit­ched o­ver to di­gi­tal te­le­vi­si­on sig­nals.

Hou­se­holds w­ho­se joint in­co­me is R3 200 per month or less can re­gis­ter for a sub­si­di­sed set-top box. To qua­li­fy, the ap­pli­cant must be a South A­fri­can ci­ti­zen and the hou­se­hold must ha­ve a wor­king te­le­vi­si­on set.

"Ap­pli­cants need a copy of their i­den­ti­ty do­cu­ment, p­roof of re­si­den­ce, p­roof of in­co­me and an af­fi­da­vit to con­firm that they ha­ve a te­le­vi­si­on set w­hen they ap­ply" says Ri­an de Ja­ger, re­gi­o­nal re­tail he­ad at the SA Post Of­fi­ce. He said t­he­re is a post of­fi­ce in e­very town or vil­la­ge - in to­tal, t­he­re are 193 post of­fi­ces in the Wes­tern Ca­pe. De Ja­ger said it would be wi­se to ap­ply as soon as pos­si­ble and a­void a last-mi­nu­te rush. Lo­cal con­trac­tors will be en­lis­ted to in­stall the de­co­der and an­ten­na. Hou­se­holds that al­re­a­dy ha­ve a sa­tel­li­te subscrip­ti­on te­le­vi­si­on ser­vi­ce will not need a de­co­der.

Sout­hern Ca­pe

Ac­cor­ding to De Ja­ger, the es­ti­ma­ted num­ber of needy hou­se­holds with a wor­king TV in the Sout­hern Ca­pe is 78 512. The post of­fi­ces in the Ge­or­ge a­rea (with the es­ti­ma­ted num­ber of hou­se­holds in brac­kets) w­he­re people can ap­ply are Ge­or­ge (32 249), Ge­or­ge In­dus­tria (4 195), Ge­or­ge East (22 636) and Gar­den Rou­te Mall (6 565).

The SA Post Of­fi­ce coor­di­na­tes the ap­pli­ca­ti­on and dis­tri­bu­ti­on of the go­vern­ment-sub­si­di­sed TV set-top boxes, which will be ne­ces­sa­ry to re­cei­ve te­le­vi­si­on bro­ad­cas­ts on­ce South A­fri­ca swit­ches from a­na­lo­gue to di­gi­tal sig­nals. The SKA

(Squa­re Ki­lo­me­t­re Ar­ray) a­rea in the Nort­hern Ca­pe was the first to switch to di­gi­tal TV trans­mis­si­ons. Sin­ce Oc­to­ber 2016, t­he­re has been no a­na­lo­gue bro­ad­cast. The a­re­as of South A­fri­ca that bor­der ot­her coun­tries are next in li­ne, be­cau­se South A­fri­ca's out­da­ted a­na­lo­gue trans­mis­si­ons could cau­se in­ter­fe­ren­ce with trans­mis­si­ons in our neig­hbou­ring coun­tries.

Be­ne­fits of di­gi­tal o­ver a­na­lo­gue TV trans­mis­si­on in­clu­de cle­a­rer sound, mo­re chan­nels and a di­gi­tal TV gui­de which can be e­a­si­ly up­da­ted for mo­re accu­ra­te sche­du­les. It al­so al­lows for in­te­racti­ve ser­vi­ces li­ke ga­mes and apps as well as swit­ching to the au­dio bou­quet on the te­le­vi­si­on to re­cei­ve all 18 SAMC ra­dio chan­nels.

I­ma­ge: SABC

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