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The­se pho­tos ta­ken by mem­bers of the Ge­or­ge Ca­me­ra

Club we­re se­lected as the be­st on­es for Au­gust. The club meets e­very thi­rd Tu­es­day of the month for jud­ging and le­ar­ning mo­re a­bout pho­to­grap­hy. Ve­nue: Lang­ge­bou, be­hind the NG Moe­der­kerk, c/o Cour­te­nay and C­hurch streets. For mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on, con­tact ge­or­ge­ca­me­ra­ or pho­ne the PRO on 083 440 6953. Re­ad mo­re at­or­ge­he­

Win­ner The­me - ‘Ne­ar Lox­ton’- Be­ver­ley du Raan. South A­fri­can hu­mour at its be­st on the ro­ad bet­ween Lox­ton and Fra­ser­burg.

Win­ner Se­ni­or O­pen ‘Gi­rl with flo­wers’Amanda le Roux. Die fo­to is ge­ïn­spi­reer deur ‘n skil­de­ry van Lee Bo­gle.

Win­ner Ju­ni­or O­pen - ‘Flo­wing beau­ty’ - S­cott Or­me­rod. This pho­to was ta­ken at the Arts The­a­t­re, w­he­re bal­let te­a­cher Al­vi­nia Roux held a re­he­ar­sal with her a­ma­zing s­tu­dents.

Win­ner Se­ni­or Na­tu­re - ‘A­lert’ - S­chalk En­gel­brecht. The pho­to was ta­ken on an e­ar­ly mor­ning sa­fa­ri in the Sa­bie Sands re­ser­ve.

Win­ner Ju­ni­or Na­tu­re - ‘Meeu’ - Ze­no­bia Gel­den­huys. ‘Meeu’ was ta­ken from a crui­se ship in a har­bour.

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