Hid­den mes­sa­ge in the buds

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To cli­via bree­der An­dré Mey­er, the ex­ci­te­ment in the run-up to the Gar­den Rou­te Cli­via show is al­most - but not qui­te - as good as the joy of seeing the re­sults of cross­bree­ding. The show ta­kes pla­ce on

23 and 24 Sep­tem­ber at the Ou­te­ni­qua Pri­ma­ry School in Ge­or­ge.

An­dré says the cross­bree­ding pro­cess is to­tal­ly ab­sor­bing.

“The first peep of the bud deep within the cli­via le­a­ves brings a sen­se of re­lief and an­ti­ci­pa­ti­on that t­he­re will be an in­flo­res­cen­ce. If the plant is an off­set, the flo­wer is ex­act­ly li­ke that of the mot­her plant. If the plant is the re­sult of cross­bree­ding, the e­mer­gen­ce of the bud until the o­pe­ning of the flo­wer is a re­al test of one’s pa­tien­ce.

“The success of the cross-pol­li­na­ti­on that occur­red 4 - 7 y­e­ars ago will soon be re­vea­led. The fi­nal weeks, from the first ap­pea­ran­ce of the bud to the e­ven­tu­al o­pe­ning of e­ach flo­wer, seems to be the lon­ge­st ti­me of the w­ho­le pro­ce­du­re. It is no won­der that so­me cli­via plants seem very ex­pen­si­ve. The va­ri­e­ty of co­lour, form and shape is not the re­sult of luck: it has been a long and de­di­ca­ted pro­cess.”

In­ter- and in­tra­bree­ding of cli­via took pla­ce o­ver­se­as be­fo­re South A­fri­cans re­a­li­sed the po­ten­ti­al of our u­ni­que flo­ra. Lo­cal bree­ders are now ma­king their mark both na­ti­o­nal­ly and in­ter­na­ti­o­nal­ly. Bree­ders may re­gis­ter their new plant as a cul­ti­var with the of­fi­ci­al re­gis­trar for the ge­nus cli­via. A cul­ti­var must be a plant that was se­lected for a spe­ci­fic trait which is both sta­ble and di­ag­nos­tic. “This nor­mal­ly re­qui­res mo­re than one bree­ding cy­cle and bree­ders are jus­t­ly proud w­hen they succeed in their ef­forts to pro­du­ce so­mething dif­fe­rent,” says An­dré.


Ma­ny of the succes­ses will be on show at the Gar­den Rou­te Cli­via

Show and the bree­ders will be t­he­re to exhi­bit and sti­mu­la­te ot­hers to stri­ve for the plant that is going to stun e­ver­yo­ne. Plants, seeds, li­te­ra­tu­re and ot­her ne­ces­si­ties for cli­via gro­wing will be for sa­le at the show.

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