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Ga­vin Co­w­ley, well-kno­wn TV Sports com­men­ta­tor, for­mer mar­ke­ting di­rec­tor of A­di­das, and ge­ne­a­lo­gist, will ad­dress the Ge­ne­a­lo­gy So­cie­ty of the Sout­hern Ca­pe at 14:00 on Wed­nes­day 27 Sep­tem­ber at the Ge­or­ge Mu­seum.

Co­w­ley just pu­blis­hed a 600-pa­ge book on the Co­w­ley fa­mi­ly, The Co­w­leys - from Der­by­s­hi­re to P­let­ten­berg Bay. Ma­ny sto­ries a­bout the fa­mi­ly his­to­ry of the En­g­lish-s­pea­king fa­mi­lies of the Sout­hern Ca­pe/ E­den a­rea, as well as A­fri­kaans­spea­king fa­mi­lies re­la­ted to the Co­w­leys, and va­ri­ous c­hurch com­mu­ni­ties are dis­cus­sed in the book. A­part from being a story­tel­ling oc­ca­si­on, the talk will in­clu­de tips on how to start on your own fa­mi­ly his­to­ry. A­brie de S­wardt, chai­r­per­son of the GSSA (Sout­hern Ca­pe), said that they are very hap­py to get Ga­vin as guest s­pea­ker to the oc­ca­si­on. The meet­ing will be o­pen to the Friends of the Ge­or­ge Mu­seum and all lo­vers of fa­mi­ly his­to­ry sto­ries. The book, ac­cor­ding to De S­wardt, is a bre­akthrough for ge­ne­a­lo­gy, be­cau­se it in­clu­des much mo­re than dis­cus­si­ons of fa­mi­ly trees. For ma­ny fa­mi­lies in the Sout­hern Ca­pe, in­clu­ding P­let­ten­berg Bay, Ge­or­ge, Mos­sel Bay, Oudts­hoorn and Knys­na, it is a re­al­ly gre­at way to dis­co­ver their fa­mi­ly his­to­ry.

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