Straig­ht-arm pull do­wn

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Exe­r­ci­se is one of the ways to im­pro­ve your phy­si­cal wel­l­being and it aids in gre­at me­a­su­re to get rid of ai­l­ments, a­ches and pains. Fol­low the exe­r­ci­se pro­gram­me pro­vi­ded by the bi­o­ki­ne­ti­cis­ts at A­ni­ne van der West­hui­zen Bi­o­ki­ne­ti­cist in Ge­or­ge and feel the dif­fe­ren­ce. This week bi­o­ki­ne­ti­cist La­na Laub­scher gi­ves so­me mo­re exe­r­ci­ses for the shoul­ders.

For the past few weeks I've dis­cus­sed va­ri­ous shoul­der exe­r­ci­ses and I ho­pe e­ver­yo­ne has be­ne­fi­ted so far. This week's exe­r­ci­se will still in­clu­de a shoul­der acti­on, alt­hough the pri­ma­ry muscle is the lat­ti­si­mus dor­si (lats), which is mo­re of a back muscle than a shoul­der muscle. The lats o­ri­gi­na­te from the back but at­tach to the front of the shoul­der, thus ha­ving an in­flu­en­ce on shoul­der mo­vements, either as a sta­bi­li­sing muscle or a glo­bal mo­ving muscle.

To per­form the straig­ht-arm pull do­wn, tie an e­las­tic to a high sta­tic point. Fa­ce the e­las­tic and hold the ends with your palms fa­cing bac­kward. S­lig­ht­ly flex your knees and acti­va­te your co­re muscles. Your arms should be ex­ten­ded, but not loc­ked, and your hands at shoul­der heig­ht in the s­tar­ting po­si­ti­on. Keep your arms s­lig­ht­ly bent as you pull the e­las­tic do­wn to the si­des of your thighs. Re­turn to the s­tar­ting po­si­ti­on slo­w­ly.


Keep your wris­ts straig­ht throug­hout the w­ho­le mo­vement;

Don't bend for­ward from your waist; Don't round your shoul­ders w­hen you pull do­wn. You ha­ve to "set" the shoul­der be­fo­re s­tar­ting the mo­vement;

The lats are qui­te big and strong muscles and should be a­ble to sus­tain a he­a­vy lo­ad, so you can use a strong/thick e­las­tic - but not so strong that you can­not use on­ly your arms, w­hi­le keeping the rest of your bo­dy in a neu­tral po­si­ti­on.


The va­ri­a­ti­on for this exe­r­ci­se is fai­r­ly ea­sy. All you need to do is chan­ge your hand po­si­ti­on. Inste­ad of your palms fa­cing bac­kward, turn them a­round and let them fa­ce for­ward. This sim­ple chan­ge enga­ges dif­fe­rent muscles. As soon as you turn your palms for­ward, the pos­te­ri­or del­toid and tri­cep are enga­ged, as op­po­sed to the pre­vi­ous hand grip, which acti­va­tes the lats.

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