You can a­dopt a K­hum­ba cha­rac­ter


K­hum­ba the sta­ge play is co­ming to

Ge­or­ge. The Ge­or­ge Arts The­a­t­re has been gi­ven the rig­hts to put on the first sta­ge play ver­si­on of K­hum­ba, which is due to pre­mier in De­cem­ber, pro­du­ced by Ca­ri­na Beu­kes.

Mo­vie lo­vers will re­mem­ber the de­lig­ht­ful South A­fri­can com­pu­ter-a­ni­ma­ted co­me­dy film di­rected and pro­du­ced by An­tho­ny Sil­ver­ston.

The sto­ry is a­bout K­hum­ba, a ze­bra who is half-stri­ped li­ke a quag­ga and bla­med for the lack of rain by the rest of his in­su­lar, a­bu­si­ve, su­pers­ti­ti­ous herd, (ex­cept his dad, mom and Tom­bi). He em­barks on a quest to e­arn his stri­pes. The film was de­di­ca­ted to the me­mo­ry of the Quag­ga Bree­ding Pro­ject foun­der Rein­hold Rau, who died on 11 Fe­bru­a­ry 2006. Rau was kno­wn for ef­forts to use se­lecti­ve bree­ding to re­cre­a­te the ex­tinct quag­ga, a c­lo­se re­la­ti­ve of the plains ze­bra.

Wor­ld pre­mie­re

"We ha­ve been gi­ven the rig­hts by T­rig­ger­fish A­ni­ma­ti­on S­tu­dio to use and per­form the sto­ry, cha­rac­ters, sound­track, lo­go and images of K­hum­ba roy­al­ty free at the the­a­t­re and ot­her ve­nues (should that hap­pen)," said the­a­t­re ma­na­ger He­at­her Ste­ad.

"This is an a­ma­zing ho­nour and we are in­cre­di­bly ex­ci­ted to put on this wor­ld pre­mie­re in Ge­or­ge. We ha­ve been gi­ven the rig­hts to re­wri­te the sto­ry to suit the sta­ge pro­ducti­on in En­g­lish and A­fri­kaans and the Ge­or­ge So­cie­ty of Arts pro­ducti­on te­am has writ­ten the scripts.

The show was con­cep­tu­a­li­sed by Ca­ri­na Beu­kes, who has broug­ht to the Ge­or­ge Arts The­a­t­re sta­ge the very po­pu­lar and cre­a­ti­ve Still Wis­hing Upon a Star shows (ba­sed on fai­ry ta­le cha­rac­ters) as well as The Wit­ches by Ro­ahl Dahl (with Pat Sa­va­ge).

She is al­so part of the pro­ducti­on te­am that cre­a­ted the A­fri­kaans Child­ren's En­ter­tai­n­ment Group Klik­ker­land, which is bro­ad­cast on kykNET and was no­mi­na­ted for a G­hoe­ma a­ward in 2017."

Ca­ri­na will be as­sis­ted by co-di­rec­tors Bron­wyn S­tam­mer, Ma­die Ca­litz and He­at­her Ste­ad, all three of w­hom ha­ve di­rected shows at the Arts The­a­t­re.

"We look for­ward to K­hum­ba the sta­ge play in De­cem­ber 2017 and e­ar­ly 2018, and the A­fri­kaans ver­si­on ho­pe­ful­ly by A­pril," said Ste­ad.

S­pon­sors nee­ded

S­pon­sors are nee­ded as the Ge­or­ge

Arts So­cie­ty is a non-pro­fit pu­blic be­ne­fit or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on.

To help fund the pro­ducti­on of K­hum­ba, the lo­cal business sec­tor and the pu­blic are as­ked to get in­vol­ved by "a­dop­ting" one of the K­hum­ba a­ni­mals or spon­so­ring a s­pe­ci­al ef­fect or part of the set that is u­sed in the pro­ducti­on.

Their a­dop­ted a­ni­mal will co­me for a vi­sit be­fo­re the pro­ducti­on and the in­for­ma­ti­on and lo­go of their a­dop­ti­ve pa­rent com­pa­ny will be on so­ci­al me­dia and on the pro­gram­me.

The a­dop­tees and s­pon­sors will al­so re­cei­ve tic­kets to the A­fri­can the­med ga­la e­ve­ning which will start the run of the pro­ducti­on.

The cost in­vol­ved ran­ges from R250 to R3 000.

The pro­du­cer, Ca­ri­na Beu­kes, can be con­tacted on 082 970 0964 for mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on, in­clu­ding the list of a­ni­mal cha­rac­ters a­vai­la­ble for a­dop­ti­on.

The sto­ry is a­bout K­hum­ba, a ze­bra who is half-stri­ped li­ke a quag­ga and bla­med for the lack of rain by the rest of his in­su­lar, a­bu­si­ve, su­pers­ti­ti­ous herd.

The K­hum­ba cha­rac­ters are kno­wn and lo­ved from the po­pu­lar a­ni­ma­ti­on mo­vie.

Vin­ta­ge mo­tor­cy­cles and bi­cy­cles will be on show at the P­lett Vin­ta­ge and Vi­ne Fe­s­ti­val.

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