New ve­ran­dah inau­gu­ra­ted in sty­le


Blue Moun­tain Ha­ven hos­ted a success­ful tea par­ty re­cent­ly to of­fi­ci­al­ly inau­gu­ra­te their new ve­ran­dah. It was su­per­bly plan­ned, with hos­tes­ses re­spon­si­ble for their own ta­bles, in­clu­ding snacks and gif­ts for their gue­sts.

The gor­ge­ous food was on­ly sur­pas­sed by the sur­pri­se s­pe­ci­al guest, An­tho­ny No­ble. E­ver­yo­ne was enthral­led by his gift of tur­ning a plain can­vas in­to an a­ma­zing work of art, de­li­ve­ring a bles­sed mes­sa­ge at the sa­me ti­me. The si­lent aucti­on to pur­cha­se his 'gift' be­ca­me a very c­lo­se ra­ce. It was a bril­li­ant day, with glo­ri­ous we­at­her, won­der­ful com­pa­ny and de­lec­ta­ble food.

"Our thanks go to all hos­tes­ses and gue­sts and a s­pe­ci­al thank you to An­tho­ny No­ble for sharing his won­der­ful gift from the Lord with us," says Blue Moun­tain ge­ne­ral ma­na­ger, Do­mi­ni­que Ot­gaar.

The new ve­ran­dah is a co­sy, brig­ht a­rea. An­tho­ny No­ble broug­ht an en­coura­ging mes­sa­ge.

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