Ra­re per­for­man­ce by whi­te stal­li­ons at Ge­or­ge

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A ra­re tre­at is on its way to the E­den Dis­trict w­hen the sen­sa­ti­o­nal dan­cing Li­piz­za­ner stal­li­ons will show their skills in Ge­or­ge as part of a ro­ad trip from Ky­a­la­mi to the We­stern Ca­pe.

The gra­ce­ful stal­li­ons, kno­wn for their flui­di­ty and beau­ty cou­pled with mi­li­ta­ry pre­ci­si­on and re­gi­men­tal flair, will be per­for­ming at the O­lym­pia E­sta­te E­ques­tri­an Cen­t­re out­si­de Blan­co on 30 Sep­tem­ber.

Book­ings can be ma­de through Com­pu­tic­ket.

The Li­piz­za­ner stal­li­ons we­re es­ta­blis­hed as a breed in Aus­tria w­hen an im­pe­ri­al stud was es­ta­blis­hed at Karst, in the a­rea in which Li­pi­ca (I­ta­li­an: Li­piz­za) is si­tu­a­ted. At the Aus­tri­an court, the Li­piz­za­ner horses we­re u­sed to pull the em­per­or’s co­a­ches for pa­ge­an­try and for high school dis­plays.

To­day the S­pa­nish Ri­ding School in Vien­na ma­kes ex­clu­si­ve use of Li­piz­za­ner horses for their per­for­man­ces, which we­re o­pe­ned to the pu­blic on­ly af­ter the First Wor­ld War. Their per­for­man­ces are ba­sed pu­re­ly on the clas­si­cal and tra­di­ti­o­nal sty­le of Hau­te É­co­le, on which mo­dern day dres­sa­ge is ba­sed, as de­ri­ved from the S­pa­nish trai­ning met­hods.

The horses per­form tra­di­ti­o­nal mo­vements that we­re u­sed in war­fa­re, so­me of which are still u­sed in mo­dern dres­sa­ge, as well as so­me ot­her spec­ta­cu­lar mo­vements, in­clu­ding the “airs a­bo­ve the ground”.

Ge­or­ge I­wa­now­ski, a Po­lish im­mi­grant, sin­gle-han­ded­ly laun­ched the tra­di­ti­on of the per­for­ming whi­te stal­li­ons in South A­fri­ca.

The Li­piz­za­ners in South A­fri­ca are the on­ly per­for­ming Li­piz­za­ners out­si­de Vien­na that are en­dor­sed and re­cog­ni­sed by the S­pa­nish Ri­ding School in Vien­na.

The sen­sa­ti­o­nal dan­cing stal­li­ons li­ne up in the a­re­na. INSET: One of the whi­te stal­li­ons per­fors the “airs a­bo­ve the ground”.

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