Tu­tus and pa­ra­sols for bre­ast can­cer

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Mark Bur­leigh (left) and Jo­han Jou­bert tur­ned he­ads in their pink tu­tus at the an­nu­al S­ha­des of Pink bre­ast can­cer walk. Mo­re than 600 pe­op­le tur­ned up to show their sup­port for all can­cer suf­fe­rers and sur­vi­vors.

Wal­kers and run­ners who took part in the an­nu­al S­ha­des of Pink bre­ast can­cer walk on T­hurs­day 26 Oc­to­ber bra­ved free­zing we­at­her to de­mon­stra­te that their he­arts be­at warm­ly for all can­cer suf­fe­rers and sur­vi­vors.

Mo­re than 600 pe­op­le sho­wed up for the fun an­nu­al e­vent. Ma­yor Mel­vin Naik was the­re to wel­co­me the cro­wd. He said that his fa­mi­ly had al­so had a brush with can­cer, but emp­ha­ti­cal­ly con­clu­ded with the words, “Can­cer can be be­a­ten.”

An­gie Co­le­man pre­sen­ted a Zum­ba ses­si­on to help warm up e­ver­yo­ne’s muscles be­fo­re the ma­yor cut the rib­bon to set off the walk.

It was the thi­rd con­se­cu­ti­ve y­e­ar that the Can­cer As­so­ci­a­ti­on (Can­sa) held the e­vent at Blue Moun­tain E­sta­te.

E­ver­yo­ne had a lot of fun com­ple­ting the rou­te al­ong the sa­fe streets with their fa­bu­lous moun­tain views.

P­ho­tos: A­li­da de Beer

Ma­yor Mel­vin Naik re­a­dy to cut the rib­bon. With him are Do­mi­ni­que Ot­gaar and Mi­net­te van Zyl (rig­ht), Can­sa’s re­gi­o­nal ma­na­ger. With their ban­dan­nas to show their sup­port are Mom and Dad, Lie and An­dries Ven­ter with Li­an (hol­ding Plu­to) and Han­sen.

E­ver­y­thing’s mo­re fun with friends and fa­mi­ly. From left are Cat­her­i­ne Fou­rie, C­han­tel de Ja­ger, Co­ra Fou­rie, Ma­rié Pot­gie­ter and Jem­ma Pot­gie­ter (front).

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