Be­wa­re of con man in T­hem­ba­let­hu

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A­man be­lie­ved to be be­hind the har­ras­sment and at­tempt to scam pe­op­le out of mo­ney whi­le pre­ten­ding to be so­meo­ne el­se, was re­le­a­sed on Mon­day mor­ning, 7 May, af­ter being ar­res­ted. The sus­pect (35) was ar­res­ted last F­ri­day, 4 May, at his ho­me in T­hem­ba­let­hu af­ter the po­li­ce ha­ve been trying to lo­ca­te him for mont­hs. The man al­le­ge­d­ly sto­le pic­tu­res from an Eas­tern Ca­pe re­si­dent, Ay­an­da Gu­gus­he, w­hom he met brief­ly in T­sitsi­kam­ma du­ring the De­cem­ber ho­li­days. Gu­gus­he said he did not know the man be­fo­re they met and they ne­ver tal­ked much af­ter being in­tro­du­ced. “Looks li­ke he went to se­arch for me on Fa­ce­book and took my pic­tu­res wit­hout my per­mis­si­on. He then u­sed tho­se pic­tu­res to con­tact wo­men and ha­rass them via W­hat­sApp, clai­ming to be me. I don’t know how ma­ny wo­men he has con­tacted so far, but I was ma­de a­wa­re of t­his by my aunt who knew one of the wo­men and told me a­bout t­his man who is clai­ming to be me. The wo­man was fu­ri­ous, be­cau­se the man was sen­ding her nu­de pic­tu­res and t­his af­fected her mar­ria­ge,” said Gu­gus­he.

The man al­so u­sed Gu­gus­he’s na­me and pic­tu­re to ask mo­ney from his re­la­ti­ves. Gu­gus­he’s un­cle re­cei­ved a mes­sa­ge saying Gu­gus­he needs R100 as his car had bro­ken do­wn be­t­ween Mt­ha­tha and But­ter­worth in the middle of no­w­he­re, and in a­not­her W­hat­sApp he as­ked him for a lo­an of R100, clai­ming he was out of e­lec­tri­ci­ty and had no op­ti­on but to ask, sin­ce he has a ne­w­born ba­by.

T­he­se mes­sa­ges (see i­ma­ge) a­rou­sed the sus­pi­ci­on of Gu­gus­he’s re­la­ti­ves, who a­ler­ted him. The po­li­ce was in­for­med, and despi­te fa­cing a tough chal­len­ge to find the man, as he u­sed dif­fe­rent pho­ne num­bers and his ad­dress was not kno­wn, they ma­na­ged to track him do­wn in T­hem­ba­let­hu. The sus­pect was ar­res­ted. He was re­le­a­sed pen­ding furt­her in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on.

If you sus­pect t­his kind of scam­ming, don’t just block the per­son on W­hat­sApp. Re­port the num­ber to the po­li­ce, who mig­ht track do­wn the sus­pect. Al­ways tri­ple check the au­then­ti­ci­ty of a per­son who is as­king you for mo­ney on W­hat­sApp be­fo­re sen­ding any mo­ney.

How to re­port pe­op­le u­sing your i­den­ti­ty on W­hat­sApp:

On An­droid: Go to W­hat­sApp > Me­nu but­ton > Set­tings > A­bout and help > Con­tact Us. On iP­ho­ne: Go to W­hat­sApp > Set­tings > A­bout and Help > Con­tact Us.

On Win­dows Pho­ne: Go to W­hat­sApp > mo­re > set­tings > a­bout > sup­port.

P­le­a­se pro­vi­de as much in­for­ma­ti­on as pos­si­ble.

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