Cour­te­nay s­treet to be up­gra­ded

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Ma­jor up­gra­des on ro­ads in Ge­or­ge will im­pact on ro­ad u­sers for the next few mont­hs, star­ting this month.

The up­gra­de of Cour­te­nay S­treet will com­men­ce in May, and will be com­ple­ted at the end of Ju­ly. It co­vers the stretch from the rai­l­way brid­ge to the York S­treet Circle.

Du­ring the first pha­se, work will be do­ne on the ou­ter la­nes in both di­recti­ons, fol­lo­wed by a se­cond pha­se, and the pla­ce­ment of a new we­a­ring cour­se o­ver all four la­nes.

A secti­on of one la­ne (a­bout 100m at a ti­me) will be clo­sed from 18:00 to 06:00 at nig­ht, with mi­ni­mal im­pact du­ring the day. The­re may be a 30mm ro­ad sur­fa­ce dif­fe­ren­ce be­t­ween secti­ons com­ple­ted and the ex­is­ting sur­fa­ce du­ring the first pha­se of the pro­ject.

Ro­ad u­sers should ta­ke ca­re w­hen chan­ging la­nes and un­der wet con­di­ti­ons du­ring pha­se one, w­hen the ro­ad sur­fa­ce will be mo­re slip­pe­ry. Low pro­fi­le vehi­cles should ta­ke ex­tra ca­re. Tem­po­ra­ry bus stops will be pro­vi­ded w­hen re­qui­red.

"The Ge­or­ge Municipality a­po­lo­gi­ses for the in­con­ve­nien­ce and ap­pe­als to ro­ad u­sers to be pa­tient and exe­r­ci­se cau­ti­on ne­ar ro­ad­works. Ple­a­se look out for and ad­he­re to spe­ci­al ro­ad sig­na­ge and ro­ad­works per­son­nel," said At­ha­ne S­choltz, me­dia li­ai­son of­fi­cer of Ge­or­ge Municipality.

So­me of the be­ne­fi­ci­a­ries of pha­se 1 of the UISP hou­sing pro­ject in T­hem­ba­let­hu are, from left: M­be­wa­na N­tom­behlu­bi, Vuyo­ka­zi Ma­ke­tha, No­kup­hum­la Ma­ke­swa, Si­bon­gi­le Fu­ku­se with the keys of his hou­se han­ded to him by Yan­dis­wa Mal­gas (Hu­man Sett­le­ments of­fi­ci­al), Nokwan­da M­be­lu, Gla­dys Mag­quba (ward com­mit­tee mem­ber of Ward 21), Siy­a­bu­le­lo Qas­ha­ni and No­ba­thi­ni Ra­ne­ke.

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