Youth e­a­ger to re­gis­ter on da­ta ba­se for u­nem­ploy­ed

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The Pa­calts­dorp Bu­si­ness C­ham­ber laun­ched an i­ni­ti­a­ti­ve to as­sist u­nem­ploy­ed youth and wo­men as well as lo­cal bu­si­nes­ses to em­ploy the rig­ht pe­op­le in the rig­ht jobs. U­nem­ploy­ed young pe­op­le and wo­men we­re in­vi­ted to re­gis­ter on a da­ta ba­se that will pro­vi­de in­for­ma­ti­on of skills that are a­vai­la­ble and w­he­re trai­ning is nee­ded.

With the in­vol­vement of the A­fri­kaan­se Han­del­s­in­sti­tuut (AHI) through its chair­man, Dr Wil­lie Cil­liers, pro­gram­mes will be laun­ched to de­ve­lop po­ten­ti­al en­tre­pre­neurs through per­so­nal men­to­ring. "It is ho­ped that the funds spent on trai­ning will help the lo­cal e­co­nomy. The need for jobs was re­flected in the fact that mo­re than 50 forms we­re com­ple­ted in the first hour," said Ju­li­an Klas­sen, c­ham­ber mem­ber tas­ked with the i­ni­ti­a­ti­ve.

A fol­low-up ses­si­on will be held with u­nem­ploy­ed youth who sho­wed an e­a­ger­ness to be pla­ced in suit­a­ble jobs, he said.

The Pa­calts­dorp Bu­si­ness C­ham­ber through Klas­sen will enga­ge with the Lo­cal E­co­no­mic De­part­ment, AHI, furt­her e­du­ca­ti­on and trai­ning col­le­ges, Nelson Man­de­la U­ni­ver­si­ty and ot­her bu­si­ness cham­bers to de­ve­lop a net­work that can as­sist the u­nem­ploy­ed in tackling chal­len­ges. Klas­sen ho­pes that this will be a ca­ta­lyst to ad­dres­sing the ri­sing cri­me in Pa­calts­dorp.

"I will en­de­a­vour to fa­ci­li­ta­te monthly feed­back meet­ings with the u­nem­ploy­ed to com­mu­ni­ca­te pro­gress and on­going op­por­tu­ni­ties as t­hey pre­sent them­sel­ves. The AHI will ha­ve a ro­ad show in Pa­calts­dorp in May and I would li­ke to en­coura­ge all bu­si­ness sec­tors to be­co­me part of the c­ham­ber."

Con­tact Klas­sen on 083 766 7528.

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